Was Kristen Stewart With Robert Pattinson Last Night?

March 27th, 2010 // 18 Comments

UPDATE: First off all, I love our Twitter
! Kristen was in Las Vegas last night seeing Lita Ford.
The paps got this one wrong.

It is hard to tell if this is actually Kristen Stewart who is pictured in the photos with Robert Pattinson Last night.

Here’s the caption from the paparazzi agency:

Robert Pattinson and girlfriend Kristen Stewart are seen stocking up on the beers before going in to see the only midnight performance of ‘Ghost Stories’ which is terrifying audiences at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, London..

Do you think it’s Kristen?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. catty

    it is not Kristen, she was in Las vegas last night.

  2. L

    Kristen was in Vegas last night at a Lita Ford show.

  3. a.

    I actually know for a fact that that is NOT Kristen. She is in Las Vegas with some friends.

  4. Kimc333

    No that is NOT Kristen Stewart with Rob.

  5. kelly

    Looks like Shannon Woodward, one of his friend’s girlfriends.

  6. asia

    Sooo NOT Kristen. I have no idea where she was last night because I don’t stalk her every move but I can deff tell this is soo NOT her.

  7. ll

    Its Elisabeth. Tom Sturigges girlfriend. She helped him with organizing the Lyric Lounge. Kristen was in Vegas.

  8. maria

    I think it`s shannon woodward. katy perry`s best friend and girlfriend of robert friend Andrew Garfield.

  9. luiza

    that’s nettie,tom stu girlfriend.

  10. Chechu

    NO ES KRISTEN ES SU AMIGA Shannon Woodward.

  11. Jennifer

    That’s Shannon Woodward

  12. Nobody

    This girl is tom sturrigde’s girlfriend: stephanie
    I am 100% sure of what I’m telling you

  13. Nobody

    It’s nettie (stephanie), tom sturridge’s girlfriend!

  14. Vicky

    NO! es la novia del amigo de Robert. Aparte, no tiene ni la forma de cara de Kristen.

  15. jenn

    That is not Kristen…she is in vegas. There is a photo of her and her friends there from 3 hours ago.

  16. madri maas

    sooooooooo not

  17. Crystal

    It is Shannon Woodward ;)

  18. lori

    This really looks like Shannon Woodward from The Riches, whom Rob is friends with and has hung out with in L.A. on many occasions.

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