Was Jack Nicholson Aware of This?

Star reports that Lara Flynn Boyle got hitched. Who, you ask? Remember – Twin Peaks, The Practice, Las Vegas? No? Uh, ok – bangs Jack Nicholson on and off and took some of the most alarmingly skeletally thin bikini pictures in recent memory. Yeah, her.

Jack Nicholson, you lost your big chance. Lara Flynn Boyle is off the market! The bony beauty got hitched to Donald Ray Thomas on Sunday Dec. 17 in a small ceremony in San Antonio, Texas.

Lara got married in Donald’s backyard of his house in San Antonio and by Monday had checked into a small boutique hotel nearby where they had reserved the Penthouse Suite, also known as the honeymoon suite.

Details on Lara Flynn Boyle’s marriage ceremony, and more shots of that freaky mug, after the jump.

“She was beaming and he was full of energy, kept going on and on about how happy he was. She said she was going back to Los Angeles but that she was going to eventually move to San Antonio to be with her husband and then commute to L.A. when she needed to for work.”

The marriage must have been somewhat sudden because they didn’t even have rings ready for the ceremony.

“Some guy came to the hotel on Monday night to drop off their rings,” says the source.

I have a soft spot for Lara seeing that I was a big Twin Peaks fan and she was hot shit on the Practice. But what do ya think – she’s knocked up or they were out of their minds on powder? Anyone? Because there’s no way in hell this bitch is moving to San Antonio to live in a trailer or whatever.