Was Lea Michele Ticked Off About Her Emmy Snub? [PHOTOS]

Lea Michele headed through LAX to catch a flight to New York yesterday, as production on season four of Glee starts up Wednesday, July 25th, according to E!.  Michele will get to perform a cover song by Barbara Streisand in the first episode (but she wouldn’t tell E!’s Marc Malkin which one), and she gets to work with guest star Kate Hudson.

“What we get to do together on the show is so awesome,” Michele to Malkin.

Ok, so is Michele cool with this year’s Emmy nominations?  “I think there are so many incredible shows out right now,” Michele said. “I am a huge fan of Girls and the fact that Lena [Dunham] got nominated and the show got nominated is amazing. There’s some really great stuff out there right now, so I feel like this is just the natural progression of things.” 

Despite being snubbed this year, Michele stands behind the work she and the cast had done in season three.  “I’m very proud of our last season,” she told Malkin.  “I think it was one of our best seasons ever.”

Do you think Michele should have received a 2012 Emmy nomination?