Was Christina Aguilera A Victim of Domestic Violence?

It’s been revealed that days before filing for divorce, Christina Aguilera took a trip to the emergency to treat injuries that seem to be caused by domestic violence from estranged husband Jordan Bratman. Photographs show the singer arriving with a bleeding cut under her lip and bruises on her face. She still looked pretty rough on Oct. 14 at a Beverly Hills pumpkin. It really always seemed like these two were happy, but now with all the craziness surrounding the breakup (hard-partying! lesbians!) I’m not so sure.

However, a friend of the singer’s assured that there was no foul play, saying the “incident did not happen right before they separated.”

“It wasn’t like this happened and then she filed for divorce,” adds the source, who says that the timeline tying together the two events is “incorrect.”

I don’t buy this. And not because that’s a shady cover-up, but because Christina Aguilera does NOT fall, period. The woman wears four-inch heels on the regular, people. I mean, please, she’s not Beyonce