Warner Bros. States Reasons For Firing Charlie Sheen

Earlier today we learned that Warner Bros. Television gave Charlie Sheen the heave-ho from Two and a Half Men.  However, Men itself hasn’t been canceled (yet). TMZ obtained the letter Warner Bros. sent to Sheen’s lawyer, Marty Singer, which lists out all the reasons they decided to fire Sheen from the popular CBS sitcom.

New York Magazine broke down four of the reasons Warner Bros. gave, and you know what?  Crazy loses in this showbidness battle.  If Sheen thinks he can walk away from this hot mess without a scratch on his moral compass, he’s sorely mistaken.  No one wants to witness the downfall of a talented actor (heck, I wept throughout the Britney saga), but clean it up.  You’ve got children and many an ex-wife to provide for.

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Among the big points of the letter was Sheen’s claim that he was ready for work.  Warner Bros. called his bluff and chewed out Singer for boasting such falsities.  Sheen had some mighty bad sitcom tapings; He missed lines, rehearsals and marks.  Warner Bros. told Singer, “You claim that Mr. Sheen was turning in ‘brilliant’ performances during this time. Not true. As outtakes of the filming show, Mr. Sheen had difficulty remembering his lines and hitting his marks. His conduct and condition created substantial tensions on the set. Mr. Sheen conceded in one or more of his numerous recent interviews that he sometimes showed up to work after not having slept and needed to move his mark to accommodate his need to ‘lean’ on something, for balance.”

What’s more, Warner Bros. claims Sheen had approval of Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards, especially the one that stated, “If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I’m gonna be really pissed.”  Sheen approved that saucy number, according to the letter.

Not one to let unemployment get him down, a crazy-eyed Sheen took one half of his G-Force, Natalie Kenly out in Beverly Hills yesterday.  The duo were all smiles as they balanced their coffee with cigarettes.  The only things missing from this shot were a few scratch tickets and a Big Gulp.