War Spending Pisses Angelina Jolie Off

September 28th, 2007 // 26 Comments

At the Clinton Global Initiative, Angelina Jolie spoke on her belief that war spending would be better allocated by focusing on helping educate those children displaced by the war. Referring to the millions of refugees resulting from the war in Iraq, the actress emphasized the importance that the world get its “priorities in order.” Comparing costs, she said:

“The entire appeal equals about eight hours of current spending in Iraq. So just a few hours would send 150,000 children to school.”

“Nothing wins more hearts and minds and nothing gives more freedom than education and nothing is a better deterrent for conflict than an educated child.”

And while Angie’s been working hard on promoting this initiative she’s proposing, I too have been focused on a pet project near and dear to my heart–getting my boyfriend to take off his shoes while over at my apartment. I know what you’re thinking, we’re both so similar, equally dedicated to worthwhile causes. Sometimes, when I look at her, shaking former President Clinton’s hand, I feel like I’m looking in a mirror.


More photos of Angelina Jolie and the celebs (Jessica Biel, Mary Louise Parker, Petra Nemkova, Chelsea Clinton) attending the Clinton Global Initiative are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. T-Bone

    UGHHHH!!! Does Angelina really think she’s telling us something new — that children should be educated???? Yeah Angie, it’s all that easy. We’ll just put all of the world’s funds into things YOU think are important and everything else that needs to be done in the world will just melt away, because of you beauty. Whatever. It’s all just a tad more complex than that. I HATE simplistic statements like, “we all need to love more and then war will go away” or “spend all of your money on refugees and then everything in the world will right itself”. UGHHH!

  2. jen

    She needs a new writer – how many times can she say nothing?


    If she really believed in education and the stability it brings, she would let her own child stay in the same place in the same school with the same friends for a few years. And yes, I know it’s the same school all over the world – but it’s not the same kids, and that’s all a 6 year old cares about.

  3. Shasta

    Ugh, those rich bastards are just doing this for appearances. They don’t care about anything except money, fame and sex.

  4. Jennifer

    Does anybody else think that Angelina looks almost as old as Bill in that picture? He’s like 60. She’s 32 (supposedly – sometimes I think she has lied about her age. Wasn’t Beyonce accused of doing that a while back? How can somebody who is really 32 look that old??)

  5. Oops I can see!

    A bunch of wolves in sheep’s clothing.Baa!

  6. Angietothemax

    Comments are hilarious. It’s true though being proactive has never been this gov’ts policy only reactive. Now with this mess on our hands in Iraq and apparently 4 million refugees as a result of this war and after we spent all this money fighting we have to spend even more money to rebuild Iraq. By providing education to third world countries you do help to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

  7. Ugh

    I’m so sick of her. Seriously. She has to be the fakest person ever and can lie like Clinton at a drop of a hat.

    Let’s see if this gets posted. I’m Not Obsessed has turned into the new JustJared and deletes comments that aren’t praising this slut. The Holie Cult is moving to other sites. lol.

  8. sandy

    She needs to shut up and eat something. She looks like a 12 year-old boy who’s been through the ringer.

    Then she needs to just shut up about ALL world events.


  9. nastybugger

    jennifer, I thought so too. in fact, it’s the first thing I noticed about that picture with the former prez. (well, that and her lipstick color…all wrong for her.)

    It’s because she clearly doesn’t eat enough and is running herself (and her family…seen how rough Brad looks these days?) ragged with all of her involvements.

    oh, and jen…

    “If she really believed in education and the stability it brings, she would let her own child stay in the same place in the same school with the same friends for a few years. And yes, I know it’s the same school all over the world – but it’s not the same kids, and that’s all a 6 year old cares about.”

    SPOT ON. her fans keep saying “it’s OK if he goes to different schools because the lesson plan is the same every day in every school”…that’s all well and good, but having the same kids in class every day is more important to the kid.

  10. Zekers

    I prefer to focus on Lisa’s problem: how to get the boyfriend to remove his shoes in her apartment…have you tried greeting him at the door naked?
    I think he would be happy to remove his shoes if you did that Lisa!
    Oh, and thanks for stating the obvious, Angelina…color me not impressed.

  11. T-Bone

    Angelina Jolie, and the rest of Hollywood, needs to sit with the Monks in Myanmar as they die in the streets fighting for what she and all the rest take for granted on a daily basis!!!! FREEDOM! We can educate all the F*#king people in the world, and if they’re not free — what the h*ll does it matter??????????? Women in the middle east ARE EDUCATED. They’re just not allowed to work or think for themselves! Get a clue!

  12. ickivicki

    Has anyone else noticed that in the first picture, the guy in the middle is the same color as his suit? I don’t mean that in a racist way, but damn! That is one dark dude!

    Oh yeah, and I think she cares about all the kids in the world…except her own. Sad

  13. amle

    How many years did Angelina spend in the US military fighting for our country? She really wants us to spend less on on war? Is she talking about body armor and weapons for the troops? The dumb b itch needs to crawl back in her hole and shut up.
    By the way, Angelina looks great for 42.

  14. amle

    I had to go back and look for the black guy. I didnt even notice him the first time around. So, I guess he is extremely black.
    Billy usually uses darker makeup when he is around black people. He tries to be afro.

  15. someone

    Why was she there? Will anyone take her comments seriously? What the hell does she know about the cost of a war? She needs to STFU, go home, take care of her kids, and give them a stable life for a change.

  16. Hmm

    So Angelina shouldn’t move her kids around so much… like army brats? Many children in the military move around and turn out just fine. Not quite sure what that point is, especially in this scenario.

  17. Margaret

    What am I missing. The September 11 terrorists were highly educated, many of them with advanced degrees which they obtained in this country. Several attended Embry Riddle University in my area. Sure didn’t deter them.

  18. Whatever

    Hmm Said: (#16)
    So Angelina shouldn’t move her kids around so much… like army brats? Many children in the military move around and turn out just fine. Not quite sure what that point is, especially in this scenario.

    my reply:

    Sure some military families move around a lot. But every few years.And most have the spouse stay in one place and raise the family, while the spouse is over-seas. Not like Jolie-Pitt does do to their family, where they are moving around every couple weeks or months. Pax has been in 12 different countries or cities since March… Where Maddox, attends 8 different schools in 2 yrs. That isn’t a stable life for any of them. Eventually they are going to RUE the day, they made these kids live this kind of nomad lifestyle.

  19. Shelly

    Then what the HELL is she doing being a member of the Council of Foreign Relations???
    They are a a bunch of neocons that plan wars all the time!
    What a dumb BITCH!!!

  20. patty

    Ahhh, another opportunity for Angelina Jolie to prove to the public how narcissistic and stupid she actually is. I”m so sick and tired of all her enlightened comments about solving the worlds problems; she should work on her on problems first, heaven knows she has pleanty of them….Just go away and take your rainbow family and your b/f with you…..GO!

  21. kikichanelconspiracy

    “So Angelina shouldn’t move her kids around so much… like army brats?”

    I tried, but I just can’t let this go. Hmm, you could not telegraph your ignorance any clearer if you tried. No offense, but I don’t go shooting off my yap about things I don’t know about, and neither should you. It’s fine if you like her, and want to defend her, but I find your military analogy to be most inappropriate.

    As a military brat, I can assure you that military families don’t move as often as Ms. Jolie moves her children. My father was typically stationed in one area for about two years before we moved. Sometimes longer.

    When we moved into a new area, we were housed with, or near other miltary families, i.e. cohorts sharing a common experience.

    Yes, I was often the new kid at my school, but so were my siblings and there were often other military children in the school. I, as well as other military children, had a support network, i.e. other military families, that Ms. Jolie’s children cannot claim.

  22. Jennifer

    You are so totally right about JustJared! They are Nazis. Go and try to make a critical comment about Brangelina there. They will let all the brangeloonies on the site abuse you and prevent you from posting anything in defense of yourself. I also tried ImNotObsessed. My comment was “in moderation” for 10 minutes but they finally posted it. They seem to be Baby Nazis.

  23. lynne

    I don’t understand why everyone gets so bent out of shape because these kids don’t live so called normal lives like little Jimmy and Sally from Anytown USA. These are not normal children by the very nature of who their parents are. They will never stand in line for anything, fly commercial, take public transportation that’s just the way it is when your parents are beyond wealthy and famous. However they will have the opportunity to meet and talk to some of the most influential and intelligent people on the planet if they want to because Mummy and Daddy have got the clout to make it happen. I really don’t think when they look back over their lives that they will feel hard done by just because they couldn’t attend the same school for 12 years and live in the same town. Let’s face it if you had the opportunity to attend some of the best schools in the world would you bitch about it because what you really want to do is get a part time job a McDonald’s to help pay for community college. Somehow I don’t think so.

  24. With tears in my eyes

    Why do actors assume that because they get paid to read somebody else’s words that their words would be something the world would want to hear?

    The Jolie-Pitt humanitarian express dont have the foggiest idea on what they are talking about it. America should spend less on war funding, nice idea but in reality of america did not do this america would be attacked. Not everyone wants to hide out in Namibia hey.

  25. sandy

    Tell the stupid b!tch that there won’t be any little children left if we don’t stop islam. NOW!

  26. Erik

    This woman is so incredibly narcissistic! Talk about one law for her and one law for others. She has featured in MEGA violent films that glorify violence etc and at the same time she is a pacifíst???

    I think I want to throw up.
    At least Narcissists such as Paris Hilton and Beckhams do not pretend to be otherwise, but people such as Madonna and Jolie freak me out with their fake goodie goodie image…All to get a glorified image of their perfection mirrored back to them…

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