Want To Look Like Gisele? Eat Cheeseburgers

Take note girls, you can get supermodel skinny by eating lot’s of meat. From Female First:

Gisele Bundchen has revealed the secret to her amazing figure – cheeseburgers.

The Brazilian supermodel, famed for her long legs and stunning figure, admits she is a carnivore when it comes to her diet and was even munching on a McDonalds meal when she was “discovered” at the age of just 14.

This is just like all those hottie hot young celebrities with bubbling personalities saying how much of a dork or nerd they were in high school and they had no friends. Does anyone ever actually read these reports and start scarfing down only Big Macs hoping to end up looking like a model? It always seems like they are leaving a critical piece of this dieting process out. I wonder what that could *gag* *gag* be.

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