Wang Dang Sweet “Pune” Tang

Things are getting crazy on the set of Angie and Brad’s Daniel and Mariane Pearl biopic. Her driver ran over someone’s ass while Angie read a book in the backseat. There have also been accusation’s of Angie working in modern-day blackface to portray Mariane, and now photographers are getting the beatdown.

According to Reuters -

“An Indian security guard and a photographer were involved in a scuffle at the shooting of “A Mighty Heart” starring Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, an official said on Saturday, the latest incident involving the film.

Local media said the guard threatened the photojournalist in the latest of several incidents over the security detail of Jolie and companion-actor Brad Pitt who are in the western city of Pune where the film is being shot.”

Reports of a gun being pulled during this incident were denied. This story is boring as hell to me. I would much rather be writing about Jon Voight being unable to pronounce Zahara. Cause that shit was a howl. The only thing of interest to me is the fact that this is all going down in a place that I pray to God is pronounced “poon”. Because that’s just funny. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to embark on my new career as “companion-actor” to Scott Caan.

Jolie guard involved in scuffle in India [Reuters]

Written by J. Harvey

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