Walking Pile Of Drugs Gets New Implant


Pete Doherty received a new implant to help him in his battle with drugs. Well, maybe not “battle.” More like “completely reciprocal, loving relationship with lots of sharing and good times.”

The Babyshambles frontman, who has battled heroin and cocaine addictions, will return to a Midlands clinic today to receive a new implant to help beat drugs.

A friend of Pete’s said: “Pete hopes this new implant will help him quit for good.”

The implant, a pellet containing naltrexone, will be inserted under the skin of Pete’s stomach.

The 28-year-old rocker won’t be alone for the procedure. The couple’s cat Dinger – slang for syringe – recently gave birth to five kittens, and the singer has apparently been taking them everywhere with him.

Yes, he NAMED HIS CAT AFTER DRUG PARAPHENALIA. Does he need to send engraved invitations to arrest his ass? Do cops exist in Britain?

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