‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Home’

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Now that Rick Grimes has officially lost his marbles and is seeing his dead wife’s ghost, it’s safe to say that the power structure around the prison has been shaken. Daryl left the group to be with his brother Merle. In this episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Glenn wants revenge on the Governor after the incident with Maggie. But Hershel isn’t so sure about Glenn’s ideas.

Rick surveys the prison yard and yet again sees Lori’s ghost. Michonne watches as he leaves the prison limits and goes outside the gates to talk to himself. In Woodbury Andrea gets a visit from the Governor who is proud that she handled the crowd so well and proclaims that she is more fit to run things than he is. This is of course some sort of play on his part to keep Andrea under his thumb.

The Governor also states that he had the doctor experimenting on walkers to find a cure for his daughter. And he promises to leave Andrea’s friends at the prison alone.

Daryl and Merle are arguing in the woods. Merle tells Daryl to forget his friends because the Governor has probably already demolished them. They come across a crowd of people fighting off walkers. Daryl can hear a baby crying and goes to help out despite Merle’s argument against it. Daryl helps kill a ton of walkers and Merle tries to invade the vehicle with the baby to get a ‘thank you’ gift in food or supplies, even though the people Daryl just saved are not comfortable with it. Daryl holds his bow at Merle and lets the group leave.

Merle is aghast that Daryl would stand up for strangers over his brother. The two get in a scuffle and Merle rips Daryl’s shirt, revealing whip marks and scars from when their father used to beat him. Daryl tells Merle not to worry about it because he left him when he was a kid. It’s an interesting dynamic to witness between the brothers. Daryl leaves Merle for the prison.

Glenn insists that he and Maggie go back to the Governor and put a bullet in his head, but Hershel is worried. The old man approaches Rick out on the fence perimeter and tells him to get his shit together because Glenn is going to screw everything up. Grimes admits to Hershel that he has been seeing Lori and Shane’s ghosts, which is why he needs to be alone.

Glenn also wants to solve the problem of the hole in their perimeter and lock down all the cells properly again, something no one else has been the least concerned with. Michonne is with Glenn and vows to help out. Hopefully, the group sees Michonne’s inherent value from here on out.

Prisoner buddy Axel starts getting to know Carol and reveals that he isn’t a violent criminal. He didn’t even use a real gun for his armed robbery that landed him in prison. All is well until the group are outside in the courtyard and Axel takes a bullet to the head. It’s the Governor on the outskirts and he laughs before getting back into his truck.

It’s a good thing that Daryl is coming back because things are getting worse and the group needs reinforcements.