‘Walking Dead’ Actor Norman Reedus Points And Shoots

Norman Reedus Gets Sexy
Norman Reedus poses for Terry Richardson.
Actor Norman Reedus hosted and event for the PIXMA Pro City Senses gallery at 404 NYC last night (September 26, 2013) in New York City.

Despite playing the seemingly gruff, yet irresistible, Daryl on The Walking Dead, his co-star Steven Yeun, set the record straight on his demeanor. He said of Reedus, “”[Norman is] just such a nice guy and he’s also realistic, and if women are hoarding him, then he’s just going to take it in stride. He’s a really chill dude. It’s amazing to see what he goes through because sometimes I’m glad that it doesn’t happen to me, but sometimes I’m extremely jealous as well.”

Check out Norman’s tweet (with pic) from the event and watch the Season 4 preview of The Walking Dead from Comic-Con.


Check out more pics of Norman from last night’s event in the gallery.

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