Wait…Gay People Like Liza?

From special South Florida correspondent Andy Zeffer:

I saw Liza in concert on Saturday night.

There was a huge fracas in my section involving two gay men wearing matching hot pink boas. Some people complained about them and security came up and tried to arrest them. But they wouldn’t get up. Then everybody starting sticking up for them, supposedly the people who complained were the real problem.

At one point one of the gay guys screamed “I came here to see LIZA!” at the top of his lungs.

Liza heard him on stage, looked over, and said “huh?”

Then she went back to the story she was sharing with the audience.

You would have found it hilarious.

The girl next to me said “How do you get arrested at a Liza Minnelli concert?”

Only in Florida. Help.

[Perez Hilton]