Wait Wait Wait. Blake Lively Wants To Leave ‘Gossip Girl?’

The U.K.’s Metro is reporting that Blake Lively wants to leave Gossip Girl.  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire for these kinds of rumors, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this was actually true.  Apparently the fighting between cast members is getting to be too much for Lively and she wants producers to kill her off.  According to the report, Lively wants to be killed off in a very dramatic ending. A source told Heat magazine:

“Blake has asked producers to kill off her character.  She’s tired of working on the show.

It was great at the beginning, but she’s started to get bored of her storylines and all the petty fights on set.  Nearly
all the cast members have had some kind of bust -up.  Besides the fact
that she gets to work with her boyfriend (Penn Badgley), Blake wants to leave.”

If this is true, I’d be disappointed.  It’s never fun to watch an original character leave one of your favorite shows, but if the kid’s unhappy where she is, then it’s time to move on.  Plus she’s got The Green Lantern and The Town coming out soon, so Lively’s movie career is doing well.  But the decision to leave a show can go either way.  You could end up being as successful as George Clooney, or your career could go to sh*t like Mischa Barton’s.  

I love me my Gossip Girl, so this rumor saddens me.  Lively looked happy on set July 14th. Let’s try for one more season and see where we are then, OK?  Serena’s not my favorite character (put the boobs away, for real), but when you take out a piece of the puzzle, it changes everything.  Except when you remove Jenny Humphrey.  She was a huge pain in the ass and needed a serious time-out.