Wait A Minute…They Sing?

September 19th, 2006 // 2 Comments

A Texan priest is reportedly upset with the Simpson sisters and how they rely on their sexual appeal to sell their music. Reverend Bob Harrington lambasted the girls, saying:

“Jessica and Ashlee will reap the dismal crops they are sowing. Their breasts will sag and their faces will wither and they will be left with nothing but a hollow shell.”

Well, I’m sorry sir, but if you know a better way to sell their music than sex, you’d better speak up. Cause when it comes to boobs versus talent, I think we all know who would win in a cagematch.

(I apologize for today’s cagematch fixation. But seriously, this is the last time…)

More photos of Jessica Simpson at LAX after the jump.


Written by Lisa Timmons

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. KristinMichelle

    She really knows how to kill a decent outfit with a ridiculously large bag. She always has bags that big, so I don’t think it’s a carry-on. She is stumpy to begin with, so adding a bag that large is not elongating her frame at all… Someone needs to watch What Not To Wear.


    HA ha STUMPY

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