Vote Nick Jonas 4 President

What do Nick Jonas and President Obama have in common?
A.) Their loyal fans include both celebrities and common-folk
B.) Their defining cheek bones make them a hit with the ladies
C.) One actually runs a political administration while the other just claims it as a band name

But, I think conquering the teen pop world is actually a mixture between world peace and foreign policy, so I’m here to announce my official nomination for Nick Jonas as the future president in 2012.

Now before you start to jump ship and rethink your U.S. citizenship, Nick isn’t actually running for presidency, but the thought has crossed his mind. He told Parade magazine over the weekend that being the future president “would be cool,” especially since he’s so ambitious.

Of course, he’s only 17 and probably spends more time thinking about his perfectly curled locks or which Disney star he should date next. And if you look close enough, you can kind of tell that Joe Jonas is probably thinking the same thing as the brothers hung out at the T.J. Martell Foundation Family Day benefit in NYC this weekend.

For now, let’s nix the diplomatic reform blah blah blah and focus in on the really important things Nick has to offer.

For starters…those heart-shaped lips of his! When does he turn 18 again?