Vodka 42 Below And The Gays

One should never be at war over vodka. As my beverage of choice I could not imagine being deprived of my beloved vodka.

The owners of hipster vodka 42 Below are at war with Chelsea hotspot Brite Bar after it decided to boycott the brand. Brite Bar owner John Libonati refused to stock the vodka, which is from New Zealand, because of what he viewed as shameless pandering to the gay market on the company’s Web site. In response, Libonati received a nasty e-mail from 42 Below president James Dale. “Hello [bleep]face,” Dale wrote. “If you are suggesting that we are anti-gay, then speak to my [bleep]in’ hand, you fool. At least four of the people on our team are gay and one of our best accounts in NYC is Lucky Cheng’s. Perhaps you are a redneck homophobe who wants to feel important. We would never let your sorry arse [bleep, bleep] bar carry 42 Below anyway. So there, [bleep]head.”

Well, the owner of Brite Bar, is gay (so there goes the redneck theory). As for pandering to the gay community, the website background does kind of look like pairs of hanging testicles.

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