Vivica A. Fox: ‘The Starlet’ Judge

April 5th, 2005 // 6 Comments

Ah, Viv. You bring such sass to The Starlet. I only wonder if this photo is a result of this.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. o

    Okay, that website makes me want to vomit. I really hope those women do not actually endorse it.

  2. Laura

    Wow, that was an eye opener. From now on, I will take every picture I see with a grain of salt!

  3. ksaw

    Miu please tell me, is this really for real? I know it is but some of the b4 pictures looked doctored too. I just wanted to know if it’s really that bad. Damn!!!

  4. Ella

    Makes me feel a hell of a lot better :)

  5. Mrs. B

    Thanks so much for this! It’s amazing what retouching can do, and what they fix! I was surprised at all the boobs and butts that were made bigger and the stomachs that were flattened. Retouching is definitely an art! Are there anymore websites like that one?

  6. As an advertising photographer, I can tell you that everything is retouched. It’s not just a phenomenon of the Photoshop age either. It’s always been that way. George Hurrell’s photographs of celebrities going way back to the 1930s were retouched often more drastically than they are today. All by hand on 8×10 black and white negatives no less. As for the retouchers themselves, they only do what the end client tells them to. If a girls butt is retouched bigger it has nothing to do with the tastes of the retoucher. The client gives a long list of things to “fix” and the retoucher does his job. It all comes down to what the readers of the magazine for instance want. That’s what the publishers give.

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