Vivica Fox Videotaped During Real-Life “Booty Call”

Behind those big, demure bangs is a woman who has just been welcomed into the celebrity sex tape club. Confirmation from Atlanta DJ Porsche Foxx has been reported in reference to the rumor that actress Vivica Fox can be seen in a sex tape that was recorded on a cell phone while Fox was intoxicated. According to Foxx, Vivica was recorded pleasuring a gentleman (and I use the term loosely) while being unwittingly recorded by his friend. There’s buzz that a link online to view the dirty deed is available, but we haven’t seen anything as of yet. Meanwhile, in the wake of the confirmation, Porsche’s people are arguing that Vivica’s name was never mentioned and Vivica’s reps are denying the reports. Oh lord. I’m guessing she kept her heels on the whole time because, you know, she’s a graceful dancer and all.

Photos: Getty Images