Virtual Insanity

May 29th, 2007 // 7 Comments

It looks like Shanna Moakler and Linsday Lohan were going at it again on their MySpace pages. Shanna is the one who got the whole thing started back on MySpace this time, when she went at Lindsay about her recent DUI nonsense.

When you making 8 million dollars a film…..HIRE A DRIVER!!

I’ve been getting a lot of letters asking my thoughts on recent events, so here it goes…. I know a lot of people think karma is going around and yeah I guess it might be, but to me..this is far from karma, if anything people like Paris love this shit, walking out of a court house to be met by a bevy of paparzzi like princess diana…carrying the bible around…loves it!

Ha! I actually thought that shit was pretty funny and accurate. It’s like Shanna decided to verbally punch Lindsay in the jaw. And to that, Lindsay supposedly responded on her MySpace page with the following rant:

im going to keep this simple and brief, like her career.

for someone who “doesn’t really think anything of it” sure had a mouth load to say. don’t blame “young hollywood” for your FUCKED UP relationships you old haggard.

Although yes, it is very immature and pretty much pointless for these two to be airing their grievances so publicly (if these even are their real MySpace pages), I must say it is encouraging to see them able to somewhat form coherent sentences. Congrats, public school system!

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Tina

    If that is Lindsay Lohan’s official myspace page….there’s something fishy about it.

  2. LJMS

    I don’t think it is real.. The Christina Aguilera is fake and she is the one who told people to add her,,,

  3. newfgirl

    Na na na boo boo…. did you graduate from grade school?

  4. Yeah, like people are asking this used up bimbo for her opinion on anything

  5. how did moakler win a beauty peagent. Shes cursing them for something she would like to be 8 million a pictureshes obviously jealous and she wears a ishload of makeup and is till haggardlooking.

  6. Shanna Moakler needs to shut up!

  7. dana

    Both of these cretins are useless but… the words of Madonna and Lindsey should listen “You too my sweet will age and die”. And unfortunately it is very sad when a 21 yr old is looking like a hagatha!!! Wait ten years and see where your looks, career is – you dumb white trash ho. Porno is waiting Linds.

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