Virgie Still Causin’ Probs

April 24th, 2007 // 10 Comments

Hey Virg. Guess what? It’s over! No one’s giving that baby to you! Who do you think you are? Stop. And you’re probably cursed with those droopy grandma arms, too! Round, annoying old woman! Virgie Arthur is making things diffiicult for Paul Mitchell.

We’re told Virgie is trying to block Larry’s move to take Dannielynn back to the U. S. of A., unless Larry agrees to share guardianship with her. Virgie also wants sole guardianship if Larry dies while Dannielynn is still a minor.

Virgie’s conditions are curious to say the least, especially since we know the Bahamian judge has already said that he would probably allow Larry to take the baby to the U.S., provided he return with Dannielynn for the formal custody hearing on June 9.

Larry and Virgie are due back in court tomorrow and the judge could lay down the law and clear the way for Larry and Dannielynn to take the first jet that smokes out of Nassau. In spite of Virgie’s demands, Larry has allowed her to visit with the baby, but we’re told Larry feels like Virgie is trying to act like she’s in the middle of a marital custody dispute.

Seeing as she was f*cking her step-bro, I don’t know what kind of twisted incest carnival this bitch thinks marriage and family is. She’d better report back to her Barcalounger, box of wine and “Price Is Right” stat before Larry burns her with a curling iron. You know he’s done curly before. Bananna curls. He’s a hair affair.

By J. Harvey

  1. Jenna

    Wow, she sucks, it could not be more obvious she just wants money. She is lucky that Larry allows her to see that child at all. She didn’t even raise Anna and Anna hated her, obviously she had a reason. She looks like an alcoholic to me.

  2. jackie

    jesus where’s a triple bypass and a stroke when you need one? come on we all know this cow has been eating Krispy Kremes like its her JOB…heiffer get your round ass back to Redneckland and leave that baby alone!
    She’s not for sale Francis!

  3. shira Weber

    trailer trash

  4. just a fact

    hey you guys, i freaked out when i heard that she had a baby with her step-brother, but i heard some interesting facts on tmz.

    Vergie apparantly gave birth to her kid in January, and on the following October, one of Vergie’s parents and one of the dude’s parents got married.

    So it seems that he wasn’t actually Vergie’s step brother until like 10 months after she already had a kid with him. I think the parents hooked up after bonding with their grandchild.

    i don’t mean to be on Vergie’s side or anything, cuz she could of saved Anna, i mean, she told her she was next, but i just wanted to get the facts out there. But also, everything Anna said about her mom has come out to be true, and unfurtunatly, we didn’t get to hear all those stories she said she knew abotu on ET.

    just a fact

  5. just a fact

    sorry about the spelling mistakes, was trying to type fast, and watch that stupid CW show, SEARCH FOR THE NEXT DOLL. haha

  6. sally

    I don’t understand the big deal about her having a baby with her step brother..thats not blood at all. Just like his/her parents got together, so did Virgie. On a bigger note, though..she needs to stop this nonsense. Larry is the baby daddy and thats that.

  7. jen

    I agree Sally, so she had a kid with her STEP-brother. He wasn’t her REAL blood brother, so what’s the big deal? She does need to give this up though, she has NO claim to that child and she’s only making herself look like a huge gold-digger by doing this.

    That poor child…I hope Larry gives her a good life.

  8. jannre

    I think she has taken this to the extreme. What about Larrys mom? Maybe she would like to have Dannielynn if something happens to Larry, shes her grandma too. I do believe its all about the almighty dollar. At first she said she was only fighting the custody because she didn’t want HKS to get her. She wanted Larry to be the dad. Well he is, so step back granny!

  9. Lilac

    Back off you vile money-grubbing, incestuous troll. Your daughter loathed you.

  10. rdiggity1

    I’ve seen better looking farm animals

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