Virgie Arthur Sets Her Barcalounger And Bucket Of Chicken Directly In Dannielynn’s Path To Freedom

Normally being stuck in the Bahamas indefinitely would be hot. But not when you’re a battled-over baby and you and your gay dad just want to start your lives together! Virgie Arthur has filed an appeal preventing Streaks from taking Anna Nicole’s baby out of the Bahamas.

Arthur has objected to a judge’s ruling allowing Birkhead to take his little girl to the States, providing that he returns with his baby for a June 9 custody hearing.

Arthur’s appeal is unusual to say the least, since she is a grandmother who herself lives in the U.S. Ironically, she is the one who argued that Anna and Daniel be buried in Texas and not the Bahamas. Now, she wants Anna’s child to stay in the Bahamas.

Just what is Ursula the Sea Witch doing? What’s the point? Her chubby little fingers are grasping at straws! You’re not getting the money, bar hag! Trot your ass back to your Golden Girls re-run and your bottle of Zima with the straw in it. You’ll find the money to afford your cartons of cigarettes somehow.