Virgie Arthur And Her Step-Brother Were Really Close, And By “Close” I Mean Screwing


Anna Nicole’s Moms had a relationship with her step-brother that resulted in a child. Now before everyone starts vomiting, remember – he wasn’t a blood relation. The son doesn’t have flippers. Hell, the same thing happened in “Clueless” when Alicia Silverstone hooked up with Paul Rudd? Right? Ok, there’s a slight “ewww” factor.

Virgie’s mom, Paralee, married a guy named Melvin and had Virgie. In another part of Texas, a guy named George William Tacker got together with this chick named Betty Jo and had a son named David Luther Tacker. Then Paralee and George got married, so Virgie and David became their stepkids. They were all one big happy family — maybe too happy, because Virgie hooked up with her stepbro to produce David Luther Tacker, Jr.

If she is planning on trying to obtain custody of Dannielynn from Flat Iron, she might wanna leave this tidbit out. I know it’s not illegal or anything but still – ewwww. Plus, in tandem with all the rest of the stuff we know about her (her hard-drinking/partying ways, Anna’s various accusations of abuse and neglect), she’s not coming off as Stable Mabel, Mother of the Year.