Viral Video of the Week: Filipino’s Stomp The Yard

July 25th, 2007 // 5 Comments

OK, you may have seen this one already, but it has always been one of my fantasies to find myself walking down a crowded street and suddenly have everyone bust out into the same synchronized song-and-dance routine. Adding to that the fact that this takes place in a Filipino prison (a different sort of fantasy entirely) makes it almost too much for me too bear. Chicken Adobo anyone?

By Wayne Ford

  1. Becca

    That SO beat out Indian Thriller. How did they choose the “lucky lady” to play the girlfriend, I wonder?

  2. Miss_Thing

    I wonder if there are knife fights in the yard over who gets to be Michael Jackson…

  3. M

    It’s Filipinos. No apostrophe. :)

  4. Audrey

    oh shyt I at first thought that was a real woman, it’s a tranny hahaha

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