Violet Affleck & James Broderick: Celebrity Kid Couples We’d Love To See

Ben Affleck and his girls
Ben Affleck spends some quality time with his daughters!
There are few marriages in Hollywood that actually last, but when they do it’s important to celebrate them.

Two marriages that still seem to be going strong after all these years are Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck and Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick. So it only stand to reason that we pair off their offspring, Violet Affleck and James Broderick.

Doesn’t it just makes sense that the Afflecks and Brodericks would work well together? Especially Violet and James. They’ve both got just the right amount of boring, Americana to make it work. 

Similar to how Violet’s sister Seraphina would be a lovely, normal couples alongside Deacon Phillippe, Violet and James would be normal, sweet and lovely. Although he might be a bit more intense having grown up in New York. And they’ll have to figure where to relocate to.

Still, I think they’ll be adorable together. And hopefully having Sarah as a mother-in-law will improve Violet’s fashion sense a bit. Launch the gallery to check out just how cute they’d be together.