Vinny Gaudagnino Swears His ‘Jersey Shore’ Co-Stars Are “Regular People”

Jersey Shore baby dip Vinny Guadagnino, who hosted a  ‘Fresh To Death’ makeover event at the Time Life Plaza today in New York (in addition to an appearance on Access Hollywood Live), gave an interview to Parade Magazine about what people don’t know about the cast and who has crap style.

The biggest misconceptions about the cast
“That all we are is what you see on TV, because that’s really just 2% of our lives. About 800 hours of footage makes an hour of the show. During that hour you just see the craziness when we go to the clubs and stuff. People think that’s how we are 24 hours a day, but obviously the other 799 hours is not us fighting and having sex, it’s just us being regular people. We all have businesses, we all have real jobs, and a couple of us went to school.”

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On his abandoned law school plans
“I went to college and graduated with Political Science and I also took my LSATs. The day I took my LSATs, the show premiered, and obviously it took off and I kind of steered away from law school. I always like learning and keeping my mind active, so I think once things settle down with this and I do have free time, I would like to go back to school to get my doctorate or law degree just to have it, not necessarily because I want to be a lawyer, because I really don’t.”

On the castmate with the worst style
“Probably Situation. Sometimes he does stuff with his hair that I don’t even know what it is. He definitely needs some help.”

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