Vincent Gallo Sells Himself

Actor Vincent Gallo is selling a priceless self-portrait of himself, created by world-renowned artist Julian Schnabel (director of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly). His reason?

“I’d rather buy shoes,” Gallo said.

The portrait was painted during Schanbel’s directorial debut Basquiat in 1996 about the late artist. Gallo played painter Francesco Clemente and filmed a scene which recreated a dinner when Schnabel and Clemente drew each others portraits (Gary Oldham played Schnabel). For Gallo’s work on the film, Schnabel himself drew a portrait of Gallo, and Clemente of Oldham, which the actor received as a gift. But now he’s selling them both on eBay starting at $25,000!

 “I’m building a
new house in downtown LA. I want everything to fit,” Gallo, pictured at Canne on May 14, 2009, told Page Six. “I’m going
through things.”

Plus, the actor said he’d never hang up a self-portrait. “I don’t want it, and it’s too valuable to give away.”

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