Vincent Gallo Is Calling Chloe Sevigny A Liar

Chloe Sevigny has been rehashing the past by…complaining basically about her oral sex scene with Vincent Gallo in his film The Brown Bunny. However, Gallo is tired of her spreading the rumor that they were dating at the time…

Gallo tells Page Six, “Chloe and I were never boyfriend and girlfriend. In 1995 we made out once in Paris.” He added, “I feel Chloe has suggested we were boyfriend and girlfriend to lessen the boldness of her appearance . . . and to portray herself as a devoted girlfriend and victim rather than a great radical performer.”

Oh snap…girl got called OUT!

Gallo added, “Chloe brilliantly understood that the media would persist in thinking that she did it out of loyalty to me.”

Sevigny told Playboy about the scene, “What’s happened with that is all very complicated. There are a lot of emotions” and added she’d “probably have to go to therapy at some point.”

Gallo responds, “I am sorry she feels the experience was so startling that she needs therapy to resolve her feelings.” Sevigny’s rep had no comment.

This is one of those moments where I just want to go, “’re both pretty. Go about your business and leave this foolishness alone.”