Vince Was Hoping For A Christmas Miracle

January 4th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Following almost verbatim the script from the movie that brought them together in the first place, Vince Vaughn made a last-ditch effort to see if there were any chance he and Jennifer Aniston could try to work things out as a couple by surprising her with a visit on Christmas Eve. From

One pal tells American weekly magazine Life + Style that Vaughn stayed at Aniston’s Hollywood Hills home for 90 minutes before driving away – but his surprise visit was a pleasant one. The friend says, “Jen was happy to see Vince. She’s never stopped caring for him. “Jen told him, `I really care about you, but this is all just too little too late.’ But she said she hoped they could stay friends.”

Oh Vince. I really doubt there was any way that visit was going to end with you two getting back together.
Unless you were planning on showing up at her house with a white picket fence, a puppy and two babies under your arms. Or Angelina’s head in a box.



By Lisa Timmons

  1. none

    Babies under his arms? Nuh-uh. Jennifer Aniston had made some unflattering remarks about kids in an interview about the time she was set up on a blind date with Brad. Actually, come to think of it, most (not all) of her reasons for not wanting kids were related to losing her figure. So, maybe pre-made kids would be the answer… Betcha’ anything she’ll intentionally wait until she’s (or claims to be) unable to get preg, just so she can have a legit reason to adopt and save her precious figure.

  2. Becks

    “none”, why do you and others seem to know so much about why she didn’t have kids. I myself am a 29 year old woman with no kids yet. (hope to have some one day) I can understand where Jen may be coming from on the not wanting kids til she is READY. Raising kids is no easy task and you must be completely ready in mind, BODY and spirit. But to say she doesn’t want to ruin her body is just hilarious. She has enough money to “fix” whatever she doesn’t like after she does have kids…or she could just starve herself like “Evilina”, er I mean Angelina.
    I don’t understand what people get out of continuously bashing Jen. What did she do wrong in this scenario? Not have kids?…..well, then we are one screwed up society to be unhappy with a woman who made up her OWN mind about her OWN body and wasn’t pressured into doing something before she was ready…

  3. Ann

    I agree COMPLETELY with Becks… I am so fed up with all those Team Angelina people. Angelina is a homewrecker who sleeps with every man she works with on a movie, stopping with Brad. She “claims” she doesn’t need a married man, but she sure found one, didn’t she. She hates her father for what he did to her mother when it came to cheating, and well, look what she did. Jennifer and Brad may had not had kids, but they would eventually. I have been married for 5 and a half years and just got pregnant this year. We were not ready then, but we are now. Give Jen a break. I feel really bad for her in having to defend herself and constantly telling everyone she is over Brad, but then you team Angelina freaks think she is just saying that so she can stay in the media. She is a very private person trying to stay out of the media. She talks about that whole situation, because NO interviewer not stop asking those questions, so she has to be prepared to talk about the love of her life, who left her for another woman. Angelina is a freak and I think Brad is better off with that homewrecker now and Jennifer is better off to not have Brad in her life. She’ll get back on her feet one day, just let her be.

  4. Ciara

    Are you guys really this invested in other people’s lives? Get over it. I hope Brad and Angelina make it for the kids’ sake and I hope Jennifer finds what she’s looking for in a man. Do we really have to pick sides?

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