Vince Wants Jennifer Aniston To Fatten Up

March 15th, 2006 // 37 Comments

Vince Vaughn wants some beef on his woman. I’m assuming that this is so his partner doesn’t make him look so fat. The good thing is, Jennifer Aniston loves rich foods. Apparently, Vince has been trying to fatten her up with dozens and dozens of bottles of red wine. Or possibly he’s just trying to turn her into an alcoholic.

Rumors are flying about a recent revelation Vince Vaughn may have made to his lady love, Jennifer Aniston, on a recent vacation together. Apparently, Vince was spoiling his sweetie with some fabulous sweets when she questioned him about the indulgences. According to a report in Star Magazine, a source says that “Vince came clean about wanting Jen to put on 20 pounds!”

‘On their recent romantic getaway to Telluride, Colo., Jennifer Aniston couldn’t believe the way Vince Vaughn, 35, ordered up enormous helpings of calorie-laden blueberry pie, crème brulée, and fried crab cakes — with two spoons for each plate! When she finally asked what was going on, a source says, “Vince came clean about wanting Jen to put on 20 pounds!”
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A big grin spread across Jen’s face, as she realized her boyfriend of eight months was indulging her in all the rich foods she’s avoided for the past 10 years — and sources say she couldn’t be happier!

“Jen is still watching her figure, but she knows weight gain is going to be par for the course if she gets pregnant this year,” says the source. Star reported last week that the 37-year-old is eager to conceive.

Alas, it’s all for a little one. I’m assuming that when she becomes pregnant, Vince will stop plying the actress with dozens and dozens of bottles of red wine.

More photos of a posing Jennifer Aniston, after the jump.

Baby Got Back! Jennifer Aniston Dines To Vince’s Delight [Tittle-Tattle]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Phoenix

    ‘eager to conceive’ – if that is indeed true then how fuckin obvious can this woman be. She didnt want/have kids with Brad for the five years they were married and now suddenly as soon as his new woman gets pregnant, Aniston is now ‘eager to conceive.’God I hope this isnt true cos Ill just hate her even more and I really do think its unhealthy how much I hate this skinny – soon to be fat – bitch.

  2. tia

    I guess after losing Brad she feels the way to keep her men is by having a baby. I mean Brad wanted a kid and she wasnt “eager to concieve” then. Suddenly she is ready to pop out some babays. Jenn you are a beautiful woman. You dont need to pack 20 lbs and have a child when YOU are ready.

  3. eat a sandwich already!

    How sweet! He must be every die-hard dieting girl’s dream if this is true.
    On the other hand, Brad will definately not be going back to her if she plumps up ’cause we all know he likes his women boney and twig looking, even when pregnant. Poor Angie is definately not eating for 2, unless she doing some wierd sympathic pregnancy to African women who give birth even when malnourished.
    She is capable of it, don’t you worry, after all she’s been wanting to deliver the baby in Africa. The lenghts this woman will go to in the name of charity is almost obscene, yet it’s considered admirable even though she stole someone’s husband in full view of the entire world and then continued to deny it, saying that her father did that ..blah..blah and she couldn’t do the same blah… blah…
    I’ll just go puke now…

  4. The Mav

    Not too many men want their women to plump up. Go for it Jen.

  5. Lynn

    I don’t think that Jen needs to pack on twenty pounds She looks great the way she is and she is happy! I think that a lot of women wouldn’t want people to feel sorry for them if they were in her situation. She was brave enough to say what was on her mind fuck Brad and Angelina they fucking deserve each other! I say if you want to have a baby do it! Don’t be a part of the triangle anymore-leave Jennifer Aniston alone!

  6. amy


    what has this world come to? men can just say- hey, hon, let’s put on some wieght- and everyone’s okay with it? excuse me…that’s ok if jen wants, but, c’mon- it’s not up to anyone else to “fatten” her up. what is she, a turkey, or something? and phoenix, give the women a break!!! she wasn’t ready to have a kid with brad- maybe there’s something more to it. she’s anyhting BUT a b****!

  7. Vince Vaughn is a pig. I love him… but he’s a pig

  8. Rachel

    I love her body but nothing can fix that face. I hope she gets chunky and shuts up about the whole brad issue she has. Get over it and smoke a blunt Jen.

  9. d.c.

    what he really said was, “OH shut up or I’ll give you a fat lip..”

  10. Anna

    The red dress has a weird camel-toe thing going on. Not really into the serious mons reveal, either. Yuck.

  11. Tamassar

    Jen’s latest: DOn’t make me your victim. It makes my skin crawl.

    Translation: The backlash to me spending a year being a professional victim is well underway. I need to find a new angle that will make America love me.

    This woman makes me sick. It’s been, what? A year and some since they split up? Who cares? Apart from that overly long sit-com and a divorce, what is her relvance.

    Also, NO MORE DOGS on the cover of VOGUE!

  12. jodroc

    This was in Star Magazine so it is probably not true. But whatever.

    All i think is Vince Vaughan is so hot. Much hotter than Brad. Smart, funny, big – divine. she is so lucky to have him.

  13. Rumor

    I agree with Amy about Jennifer and Brad. Who knows? Jen has insecurities about her childhood too I’ll bet. Maybe there was something about her relationship with Brad that she didn’t trust, so she refused kids.

    Anyhow I think the story about Vince wanting her to gain weight is rubbish, just a tale or something to sell the mag.

    Jennifer doesn’t need any extra pounds. She may not be beautiful, but she has a cute little body. She’s a girly girl who looks good in her clothes.

  14. The Chin Makes My Skin Crawl

    ANGELINA JOLIE IS A GODDESS! A GODDESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! A GODDESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Rumor

    How can Anniston get over the Brad thing? The media won’t let her. When she gives interviews people keep bringing the subject up. They say things like, “How are you holding up” and things like that. God, I’d hate to be famous.

  16. Move On Jen! Please!

    I know how she could get over the Brad Pitt by keeping her dumb mouth shut! She does not have to answer.

    Do you ever hear Nicole Kidman badmouth or talk about TOm Cruise? And Tom Cruise is a HUGE nut job. But Nicole has class.

    Jennifer does not. This is boring Jennifer. We don’t want to hear it anymore.

  17. Well If you think about Brad Basicly Cheated on Jenn His wife at the time and he lied publicly on live Interveiws that there’s nothing but a business friendship and then Angelina says I can never sleep with a married man it would be wrong ,and it would not be right ,so she lied publicly and Jenn basicly held it up pretty good but finding out your they weren’t even divorced yet and he’s having a baby .Thats a slap in the face for give her some credit she getting all this backlash when she just wants to try and move on so try see things her way a little ,she was inlove and he found someone he felt was better for hin so she’s learning to coupe so just try thinking if that happened to you or your sister or daughter a little angry and venting preety much her due’s.

  18. moods of norway

    I think jen looks stunning in those photos. She’s healthy and has great arms and legs. Maybe Angelina has a prettier face – but not body! There’s a big difference in being skeleton-skinny, and being athletic…

  19. Silasdog

    Please, enuff already with this crybaby Anniston. Grow up and move on. She’s got the mentality of adolescent, complete lack of mature thinking. And, oh my, such a martyr. Boo hoo for Jen. What a self-centered waste she is. She’s a 4th rate actress that’s making plenty of dough; instead of being grateful (perhaps with a touch of humility), she never ceases to publicly cry the blues. She’s a total zero.

  20. s

    admittedly she was younger then, but in her ‘heavier’ days on friends she had a killer body. vincey probably saw those plump titties on reruns and figured it ain’t right he ain’t gettin’ a suckle on those, and wants her to return to her former, now-in-syndication, glory. can’t say i blame him either. hopefully it works.

  21. Kelsey

    Didn’t Jen surpirse Brad with a pregnancy test to show him that she was ready for a baby? and then he left her right after…so I’m think that she wanted to have a baby, but then the marriage fell apart and who wants to have a child when your getting divorced. And now she still has that same urge, and has a good man. I love Jen, she’s just so damn pretty and nice. GO Jen!!!!

  22. Someone please shoot me

    For the love of God, I thought we were done with having to look at her from the cover of every magazine for a while? What has she done to rate a Vogue cover — I thought they coincided with an actress with a hotly anticipated film to promote…? If this woman is so smart, how come she can’t figure out how to parlay her “one-hit wonder” success on the small screen to the career in movies that she apparently so desperately wants? Surely if she were that smart and/or talented/gifted, she’d realize that she’s destined to be a character actor, albeit with only a single character in her repetoire!

    As you might surmise, I’ve never been a fan of JA — nor of “Friends,” for that matter — and thought her look at the Oscars this year was pathetic and nearly the same as every other major award show that she’s attended in the last decade. And she seriously needs to rethink the length of her hair because wearing it that long and straight and straggly merely serves to emphasize the incredible freakish length of her face. She now looks like one of those dogs with the “hang-dog” expression (is it the basset hound I’m thinking of, or the blood hound?)….

  23. katie

    It’s very interesting to watch Jennifer Aniston now after “Friends.” I think most of America loves her so much that they want to see her go on and on in her career. On tv she was a good actress I suppose, but a big Hollywood movie star she just isn’t. I’m sorry, I like her a lot, but she just doesn’t cut it all the way down to her hairstyle. The woman needs a change desperately!!! Let the Rachel thing go now!!! I think “Friends” was as good as it was gonna get for her. Sad, but the truth.

  24. Draya

    This is pathetic. Right on the cover is “Don’t feel sorry for me”. How self-centered is this girl? Believe me Jen, nobody feels sorry for a rich, spoiled actress, who NOW on a whim decides she wants a baby. There’s nothing wrong with being a career person, but Jen should stop with the quotes that she wants a baby, because it’s phoney and self-serving. She’s trying to garner more sympathy. Lame.

  25. C

    What’s wrong with everyone? The rumor was that Jen didn’t want kids because her career was going great. HOWEVER, she stated the rumor is untrue and she’s always wanted babies and they had been trying. I guess he saw Angelina with her brood and couldn’t wait any longer. It’s a mess and I can’t really blame any of the three people involved.

    And you all know the only reason that her quote made the cover of the mag is because it’s what the public is curious about. I mean, people probably shout it at her all day long, “Are you ok?” – I’m sure the reporter brought it up and that’s why its in there. Leave her alone people. And if she fattens up, then good for her. Brad would never have liked her like that. Brad is notorious for not loving anyone more than himself. She’s better off without him. Good luck, Angelina.

  26. bamz9LOVE

    Kelsey, get Anistin-Pitt educated ok? Way to much info (reputable info) out there saying Jen wasn’t real interested in making babies as much as she was in making a name for herself on the bigscreen, and that didn’t suddenly end when it looked like they were breaking up.

    I would’ve thought signing up for 6 projects AFTER friends ended would make that quite obvious to most that motherhood wasn’t yet in her plans.

  27. jason

    to all of you obsessed (still) with this jennifer/angelina/brad business: you’re total losers! this post had nothing to do with brad or angelina, yet you made it about that issue. YOU did, not jen. so if anyone is obsessing about it and not letting the issue die, it’s the people posting the above comments as if they’re privy to what transpires in other people’s private relationships.

  28. bamz9LOVE

    C said: 10:54 am

    “Brad is notorious for not loving anyone more than himself.”

    Where do people get this ish?! My God, he’s like one of the few male celeb’s that men & women (other than Jen/Michael D.) have “historically, and consistantly” hailed as one of the nicest, giving, down to earth *genuine* and even-tempered IN the biz.

    Gwyinth Paltrow still speaks highly of the guy, as does Gina Davis, both who are ex’s. Hell, even Jennifer Aniston for 7yrs said he was, but now that she’s having a hard way to go with things, and he’s moved on and happy, suddenly she’s backpeddaling all over the place about him, baby’s, not wanting the public’s sympathy yet every other month she’s on another damn mag “saying the same damn thing.”

    No, I think it’s Jennifer Aniston who doesn’t love anyone more than herself. Brad hasn’t uttered a word since the split, yet she can’t seem to shutup! She could have followed in the silence, and just maybe she’d be alot further emotionally than she claims she is. But no, she has to keep constantly coming back the trough of public sympathy to get yet another drink, and repeat the same old same old.

  29. bamz9LOVE

    Jason, if you have a problem, how about you take it up with the admin’s? If they say “this is this, that is that, and you can’t speak of this in regards TO that”, then ok, we’ll comply, but other than that being the case, I will continue to say what I want, where I want, “take it down the street around the corner and up the block” if that’s what I choose to do in getting my point across, then so be it. If you have an issue with it, I suggest you either ignore me, or again, complain to the owners.

  30. my2cents

    I WISH she would fatten up, get pregnant, and quit acting……I personally am sick of Jen’s whining and complaining….don’t feel sorry for me?? PALEEESE! Anymore, she does whatever she can to stay in the limelight….her gossip is better than her acting, so I guess it works.

  31. my2cents

    AND, one more thing….if Brad wouldn’t have dumped her for Angelina, Jen wouldn’t be famous like she is now because of it…goodness knows it’s not because she can act! They basically made her dream come true…she ought to be thanking both of them!

  32. Rachel Green

    Jennifer was famous before Brad…..remember that little show on NBC everyone was obsessed with a couple of years back? Even if she never acts again in Hollywood she has still accomplished a lot more than all those other wannabes we see today.

  33. Lynn

    Who are you people that hate Jennifer Aniston so much? I mean you say that you wish she would stop whinning about her life-her husband cheated on her and he is having a baby with another woman sho said that she could never sleep with a married man! Well Brad was married until October and apparently Angelina did sleep with a married man. Jen had a very personal thing happen to her and she happens to live a very public life-I think that she has held it together amazingly considering the situation. I am sure all of you that want her to stop whinning and crying about it as you say have talked to her about her feelings and what she went through and have heard enough. Hmmm weird I have never talked to her and all the articles and interviews I have seen I have never seen her be anything but happy and secure with herself. FUCK ALL YOU NAYSAYERS!

  34. jjr

    I’m sorry but Friends was not a show we all obsessed about. Its yesterdays news. Brad was the STAR. Get a reality check. Hollywood marriages come and go. This is an old story thats getting as old as Jen’s wrinkles and Brads hair. People we were tired of hearing of that golden couple. I Know I was. He was saying how he wanted kids. It goesn’t take four years to have a baby! It takes one night. She needs to take lessons from Nicole Kidman, Thats one classy lady.

  35. Laura

    I wanted to let you know that nothing is further from the truth in saying Jennifer did not want children with Brad Pitt. Jennifer had a miscarriage in 2003 when she was married to Brad Pitt. That even made the news. It left Jen and Brad both DEVASTATED!

    Also, PLEASE read the new Celebrity Living which is coming out this coming Friday. It will say that Jen & Vince are getting married and having a $9 Million Dollar Wedding to be held at Oprah Winfrey’s Mega Mansion in California. Jen’s ring is said to be worth $1 Million Dollars. I do not know the wedding date yet, but it may be published in there? I’m not sure?

    Please e-mail me at:

    if you want to discuss any Jen & Vince Topics. I would love to hear from you!

  36. Cartier

    Allow me to repeat #14, “The Chin…”

    ANGELINA JOLIE IS A GODLESS!!!!!!!!!A GODLESS!!!!!!!! A GODLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Ceegie

    ALSO…..did you notice when FAT LIPS didn’t win anything as Jen did…at the Golden Globes…She immediately broke the news the next day she was pregnant trying to take away the spot light from Jen. What a MEAN SPIRITED person FAT LIPS is!!!

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