Vince Wants Jennifer Aniston To Fatten Up

Vince Vaughn wants some beef on his woman. I’m assuming that this is so his partner doesn’t make him look so fat. The good thing is, Jennifer Aniston loves rich foods. Apparently, Vince has been trying to fatten her up with dozens and dozens of bottles of red wine. Or possibly he’s just trying to turn her into an alcoholic.

Rumors are flying about a recent revelation Vince Vaughn may have made to his lady love, Jennifer Aniston, on a recent vacation together. Apparently, Vince was spoiling his sweetie with some fabulous sweets when she questioned him about the indulgences. According to a report in Star Magazine, a source says that “Vince came clean about wanting Jen to put on 20 pounds!”

‘On their recent romantic getaway to Telluride, Colo., Jennifer Aniston couldn’t believe the way Vince Vaughn, 35, ordered up enormous helpings of calorie-laden blueberry pie, crème brulée, and fried crab cakes — with two spoons for each plate! When she finally asked what was going on, a source says, “Vince came clean about wanting Jen to put on 20 pounds!”
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A big grin spread across Jen’s face, as she realized her boyfriend of eight months was indulging her in all the rich foods she’s avoided for the past 10 years — and sources say she couldn’t be happier!

“Jen is still watching her figure, but she knows weight gain is going to be par for the course if she gets pregnant this year,” says the source. Star reported last week that the 37-year-old is eager to conceive.

Alas, it’s all for a little one. I’m assuming that when she becomes pregnant, Vince will stop plying the actress with dozens and dozens of bottles of red wine.

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