Vince Vaughn Says He’s No Cheater

Huh? They’re still together? I don’t know or care anymore, but I guess I have to post something about it. Vince Vaughn is suing several tabloids because of allegations they published that he had both ended his relationship with Jennifer Aniston, and was seen canoodling with a mystery blonde. From People magazine:

Vaughn complains that papers “published allegations that he was caught kissing a mystery blonde whilst attending a charity event on Sunday (Oct. 8) at London’s Old Vic theatre. Mr Vaughn will say that the articles suggested that he was unfaithful to Ms Aniston, with whom he had allegedly ended his relationship only a week before.” The statement continues, “Ms. Aniston and Mr. Vaughn had not ended their relationship either at the material time or since. … The suggestion that he was having a passionate embrace and kiss, or has ever been unfaithful to Ms. Aniston, are false.”

Jen has also told Oprah that she and Vince are still together, in an episode of the talk show set to air Oct. 16th. Now, I’m just hoping for Jen’s sake that she’s telling the truth. Because it is one thing to lie to the American public, and it is quite another to be caught lying to Oprah.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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