Vince Vaughn Quit Smoking For ‘The Break Up’

So that’s what he’s using as an excuse to explain the extra poundage. Yes, when all else fails start smoking if you want to loose weight start smoking, and quit smoking when you want to gain weight. Nicole Richie, are you listening.

Vince Vaughn found the perfect diet to bulk up for his character in new movie The Break-Up – he quit smoking. The star was called on to play a portly slob of a boyfriend in the romantic comedy, opposite real-life girlfriend Jennifer Aniston, and admits he didn’t have to try too hard to gain the extra weight and then lose it.

He says, “I had quit smoking a pack of cigarettes a day just in time to put on 25 pounds. Then, when we finished shooting, I said to myself, ‘Well, I can have just one cigarette. It’s been eight months. What’s the big deal?’ Of course smoking curbs your appetite, so I lost the weight. I plan on quitting but I’m not quitting right this second.”

(The pics have been fixed.)

More photos of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn from the premiere of The Break Up, after the jump.

Vince Vaughn Quit Smoking To Bulk Up For ‘The Break-Up’ [Starpulse]

(Images via Saving Face)