Vince Vaughn Misses His Kool-Aid: Jennifer A.

Are these two doing the whole “Ross and Rachel” thing for real? It kind of sounds like it, because now that Jennifer is single and over it, Vince wants back in the game. And, of course, Chandler’s on drugs. Just kidding! He’s actually in his fat, sober stage. From All Headline News:

A source told Look magazine, “Vince is lonely as hell without Jennifer and he’s regretting his decision to let her slip away. He’s desperate to get her back.”

And now that Vince has learned that his ex-girlfriend is looking to adopt, he feels even worse.

The source added, “Vince feels responsible for Jennifer’s situation, because without him she’s being forced to go down the single mother route because of her age. He really does want to get married and have kids. It kills him to think about Jennifer bringing a child home on her own and taking on the whole responsibility by herself.”

Hmm, yeah, I could see that. But I have this feeling that her millions upon millions of dollars might help her make it through her “single motherhood” OK. Doesn’t she have a Scrooge McDuck pool of twenties somewhere? If she doesn’t, then she should.