Vince Vaughn Misses His Kool-Aid: Jennifer A.

February 2nd, 2007 // 14 Comments

Are these two doing the whole “Ross and Rachel” thing for real? It kind of sounds like it, because now that Jennifer is single and over it, Vince wants back in the game. And, of course, Chandler’s on drugs. Just kidding! He’s actually in his fat, sober stage. From All Headline News:

A source told Look magazine, “Vince is lonely as hell without Jennifer and he’s regretting his decision to let her slip away. He’s desperate to get her back.”

And now that Vince has learned that his ex-girlfriend is looking to adopt, he feels even worse.

The source added, “Vince feels responsible for Jennifer’s situation, because without him she’s being forced to go down the single mother route because of her age. He really does want to get married and have kids. It kills him to think about Jennifer bringing a child home on her own and taking on the whole responsibility by herself.”

Hmm, yeah, I could see that. But I have this feeling that her millions upon millions of dollars might help her make it through her “single motherhood” OK. Doesn’t she have a Scrooge McDuck pool of twenties somewhere? If she doesn’t, then she should.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. ann

    she will NOT be a “single mother”.

    single mothers are people with little to no help from anyone (family or friends, only babysitters or day care).

    jennifer made her bed, she can now lie in it. she would have been with her husband if she had decided to go through this “OH MY GOD! I AM GETTING OLD” crisis a few years ago. and now vince just doesnt want to look like the toad he is, for “forcing” jen to adopt “all by her little lonesome”

    the poor thing

  2. Margaret

    That boy looks bad. Surely Jennifer Aniston would never take his nasty a** back. We can only hope and pray.

  3. Grrr

    Yeah, she could of had kids with Brad, and really, who cares? Who F***ing cares? So what? She did make her bed and can lie in it, it’s not a terrible bed to lay in. I for one don’t pity her, but I sure as hell don’t hate her either.

    It’s actually unhealthy for Vince to want to marry Jennifer out of sympathy, which is the real story here. If he doesn’t love her (which is why he “let her go”) then he should leave her alone. Being raised by one parent is much better than having a father who only married your mother because he thought you needed a daddy. It’s a nice sentiment, Vince, but it isn’t needed.

  4. StylishLibra

    Ann: get a life!

    First of all single mother refers to a single parent, it doesn’t mean that the mother in question must be cut off from everyone, it simply means that she is the sole PARENT pof the child. VBeing a single mother does not exclude you from having supportive family or friends.

    Second of all, when a marriage dissolves (regardless of if it’s a famous one or not) it is never just because of ONE thing. I doubt that Brad and Jen’s marriage fell apart due to the SOLE fact that Jen didn’t want kids right away, furthermore I saaw that interview with the two of them and they both wanted children. Just because she didn’t want them that second doesn’t mean she’s to blame. A man marries a woman, not a baby-breeder. Grow up, Brad’s not a saint and neither is Jennifer, their marriage ended because of THEM not her!

  5. Kitty K@

    I just love the Scrooge McDuck refrence, it makes the world wonderful we can remember a Saturday morning classic like DuckTales, Wooo HOOO!

  6. Life During Wartime

    I can’t believe you hos buy this crap! They never were a couple, the entire thing is made up. What are you, like eleven years old? Sheesh!

  7. Meg

    Vince, well, I know for a fact that being caught with three girl groupies coming out of your European hotel room is THE best way to tell an ex that you love her and want her back.

  8. Jinxy McDeath

    Look is an English rag, notoriously unreliable info. I kind of have to agree that their relationship was fakey fakey, you never saw them together unless they were flogging that beast… the movie the Breakup.

  9. Oh, that Vince!!!

    Just get her to open up
    a little more, Vince.

    Maybe she is a little tense
    these days…

    Offer to give her a late night
    massage. Play some Barry White.

    Turn the lights down low.

    Blow in her ear.
    Send chills down her back.

    Then maybe she will relax
    and open up, and let her
    feelings show.

    The next morning, move in.
    Don’t ask her if you can,,
    just do it.

  10. Lisa

    Yeah, Vince, you loser-3 groupies in London with huge breasts, right?? Right??? You will never get over your obsession with huge-breasted, skinny 19-year olds…YET YOU WANT JEN BACK???

    You are a loser, a pig, and an S.O.B.!! You deserve to be lonely, you amoeba!!!

    OH, and BTW….big t*ts are overrated, why don’t you try small breasts for once-c’mon, now, they can’t be all THAT bad, can they???

  11. Lisa

    Vince, I hope your C*ck falls off from all the venereal diseases you are sure to be catching from skanky, huge-breasted, skinny 19 year-olds that you seems to have an obsession with. Can I also give you a hint of advice?? Small breasts aren’t bad either, you moron!! Big t*ts are severely overrated-but hey, I guess having three 20 year old hot, huge breasted skanks is better than a near-40 Jen with only B-cups, right???


  12. lisa

    Yeah, 3 groupies with big tits, no less!!! Yeah, Vince, you want Jen back, whatever, you big loser!! Grow up and realize that big tits aren’t everything….

  13. lisa

    Yeah, 3 groupies with big tits, no less!!! Yeah, Vince, you want Jen back, whatever, you big loser!! Grow up and realize that big tits aren’t everything….

  14. lisa

    Yeah, 3 groupies with big tits, no less!!! Yeah, Vince, you want Jen back, whatever, you big loser!! Grow up and realize that big tits aren’t everything….

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