We have reports that Vince Vaughn and Vanessa Williams are up to no good. Sources say they’ve been tooling around together in secret. Wow. That’s an interesting celebrity romance configuration. Not a bad one. Vanessa’s boss (both literally and figuratively) on “Ugly Betty” and if Vince keeps his cakehole shut, he can look hot sometimes when he’s not working the grease. Seriously, nothing’s worse than someone being “on” all the time. What – do you think I close the laptop and act this cranky out in the world? I’d get my ass beat if I pulled this crap at the checkout counter or the dry cleaners.

According to one of our most trusted Hollywood snitches, Vanessa and Vince have been sneaking around Los Angeles together – all in an attempt to avoid the paparazzi. The insider tells, “Vanessa’s really trying to keep this a secret … She feels that the press helped ruin her relationship with Rick [Fox], so she’s trying to keep what she has with Vince private.”

There’s weirder couples out there. We’re looking at you, Tom and Katie. Talk about Joey Potter being held down and having the life force completely sucked out of her. Poor bitch. Anyway, who am I kidding? The best thing about Vince and Vanessa dating is that I don’t have to go very far to copy the source links for when I post this crap. One letter, no ponderous scrolling!

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