Vin Diesel’s Confusing Photo Shoots

March 23rd, 2006 // 25 Comments

Gay or straight? It’s your call. Surprisingly, the straight photo shoot was from Details.

More photos of Vin Diesel, after the jump.

(Photos via Oh No They Didn’t)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    LOL !! These pics of Vin are cute!! I dont think he is gay as a matter of fact that never entered my mind. Even if he is thou Fast and the Furious is still one of my favorite movies. :)



  3. doofus

    although we’ve all heard the rumors, this is one of the “outed” that I just don’t believe.

    unlike the people who DENY! in their loudest voice (Thetan Cruise…), this guy just laughs off the rumors. and THAT’S the way to handle them. And I believe that Keanu Reeves was recently quoted as saying the same thing…

    it’s usually the people who “protest too much” that are suspect.

    gay or straight, i’ll still drool over the Vin man. That voice is SO sexy…

  4. C

    Well, even if he isn’t gay he’s pretty femmy in these pictures. A little “limp wristed” if you will. I’m surprised they would print these…

  5. YOURface

    he definately has his eye on someones cock, I also bet he is the bitch in the relationship

  6. Margie

    I saw him being interviewed on the Today show by Ann Curry. There is no doubt in my mind that he is gay. His womanizims far outweigh any male bone in his body. He gushed, giggled and acted like a school girl. Complete turn off!!!

  7. saw him on the daily show, was the first time i’ve ever seen him live. he was charming and funny. i liked him.

  8. Small Fry

    He reminds me of a muppet.

  9. Greggo

    A fine, fine man. Are you gay, Vin? Good, come sit with me…

  10. I remember when he was a bouncer in nyc at tunnel…..yeah i am on the list…out of my way

  11. Rumor

    I don’t think Vin Diesel is gay. I saw him on TV recently, and he’s talking about finding a wife and starting a family.

  12. Rumor

    Additionally, want to say that you cannot always make a guess based on a man’s masculine mannerisms. Sorry to attack these black men, but on another post, we discussed Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry (of “Madea” fame), Johnny Gill (was in New Edition), and the handsome Shemar Moore, who totally overdoes it in unbuttoned silk shirts. They men are all bosom buddies who played up their masculinity, but now, who knows? Lots of rumors swirling regarding their orientation.

  13. g

    I have this friend who met him when he was here in Canada at a club, she gave him her number and he called and sms’ed her incesantly. But I still think he’s a fucking homo, not in the gay sense, in the loser sense.

  14. natalie

    Who the hell cares? The closest any of us will reach him is on a screen. Loved his kiddy movie, don’t care what sex he sleeps with.

  15. YaYa

    Gay, but still sexy as hell and oh so very
    humpable. He’s got a sweet personality and
    his voice makes me melt like buttah!

  16. Ellen Degeneres

    Have any of you thought perhaps they are are just posed , its details and they were probably having some fun with the Gay crap rumors surrounding him. So calm down, Natalie is right NONE of us and that includes all those imaginary friends who claim to have met in him their druken states at various bars, Well ever get any closer then a movie theater or a DVD.

  17. Green Eyed Angel

    Ok, once and for all, I have the answers you desire.
    My friend’s friend is one of his body guards. When I was in love with him, and the F & F was my porno, my friend called me and said she had his house keys in her hand and that I could go & get my brains f*cked out by Vin. Although I did need to think for a few secs… I decided to just say no to STDs, when his body guard told me what kind of revolving door he has for big-tittied-junk-in-the-trunk gorgous women.

    Anyone that’s from NY knows what playa-playas there meatheads think they are (think Neptunes in July).

  18. MLE

    Vin, likes’um young (18-23) and WHITE! No, he don’t f*uck black women!

  19. Heather

    Uhh yes he does.. do a search on that SuperHead chick.. she fucked him and she’s black. What a dumbass statement

  20. Sweet_Southern_Spice

    Gay or not Still sexy as hell!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care Just keep acting.

  21. tiffany

    excuse me but i know that people can make those type of pictures and put them on the web so dont try that shit on here

  22. Nathasa

    I feel Vin is Bi. He likes girls and guys all the way.. No big deal. Shemar is very Bi. He is from my hometown Oakland and we all went to college together at Santa Clara. He was with my cousin for a bit, whom is male. Not a big surprise. He is still sexy and very sweet. Plus Bi gets you the besf of both worlds..

  23. Jamila

    I don’t think that he is gay…he’s too fine to be queer LOL! He’s been linked to loads of women and has denied rumours that he is gay. It doesn’t really matter though it’s not like any of us will get to sleep with him is it?!

    To MLE: Yeah Vin does have a thing for the younger ladies but what you said is a stereotype

  24. MLE

    Heather-Look out!!! A house is falling! Be careful, the net has eyes! *Evil laugh*

  25. Cadfael

    g said: “But I still think he’s a fucking homo, not in the gay sense but the loser sense.”

    I’m sure a lot of gays or homosexuals out there will be appreciative that you equated Homo with Loser instead of just being gay or queer. We know you meant Homo=gay=loser, so stop using such a playground insult, buy a thesaurus and actually pay attention in school once in a while huh?

    YOURface said: “he definitely has his eye on someone’s cock…” Whose? yours??? Has it been keeping u up nights, love? “I also bet he’s the bitch in the relationship.” What? You mean does he go around in high-stiletto heels and scream at you when you spend all your time out with the boys and come home piss-drunk?

    I know you’re disappointed that Vin Diesel doesn’t wake up to the smell of NOS, slip on his fur-collared jacket to join the party that’s been pumping in his living room since New Years 2002 and that he doesn’t parachute out of his mustang to get a coffee and donut at the nearest Starbucks. But he’s human like the rest of us.

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