Viewers Send Brandy Home On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Well kids, we’re almost done here.  The Semi-Finals Elimination Round on Dancing With The Stars?  This is big stuff.

We had some lovely performances by Annie Lennox and Enrique Iglesias, who sounded not as lovely in person as I wanted him to.

The episode started out with Len asking Brandy & Maks to perform their scary street corner dance again, which really made me fear for our Kyle & Lacey.  If Brandy & Maks were safe, one of our top three favorite pairs was going home!  Yet, that is not what happened.  Nope.  In a complete twist of fate, the viewers actually sent Brandy & Maks home!

Brandy kind of copped out of a final speech, claiming she didn’t really know what to think yet, but Maks ate his pride and gave quite a good one for both of them.  They’ve come a long way from despising each other.

Now, I’m very concerned about next week, as I’m sure you are as well.  We have Jennifer & Derek and Kyle & Lacey, who everyone loves, but we also have Bristol & Mark, who apparently have some sort of Tea Party conspiracy behind all the voting for them.  This is getting aggressive.

Team Kyle & Lacey!