Vienna Girardi Hits The Beach With Boyfriend Kasey Kahl, Talks About Her Nose Job

For reasons only known to reality stars, Vienna Girardi feels the need to talk about her recent nose job.  And because her boyfriend, Kasey Khal needs to extend his minutes, he’s taken it upon himself to tell People how gorgeous Girardi was pre-schnoz job.  “I honestly think she’s gorgeous and beautiful inside and out so it doesn’t matter to me,” Khal said.  Girardi, who had a rhinoplasty in Houston three weeks ago, said she went through trauma in her early years and wanted to make herself feel better.  Khal traveled down to Texas to be with his girlfriend of seven months and support her while she healed.

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Girardi insists that she’d been planning the surgery even before dating Kahl.  “When I got this done, it was for me,” Girardi explained. “He thought I was beautiful before, but I don’t think anyone should get plastic surgery for somebody else. When the opportunity arises, if that’s what makes you feel good, then do it. That’s your body! Do it for yourself. I think it’s important for young women to know that.”

Girardi met up with Khal at the Fiat House in Malibu for  Bachelor Pad:2 cast party yesterday.  I don’t see a difference.