Video Of Justin Bieber On Segway Resembles Every ‘End Of The World’ Movie

The video you are about to see will shock you. It will shake you to the core. It will make you believe that there is truth to that Mayan calendar’s impending doomsday of 2012. It will prove to you a Segway is not a fast getaway vehicle.

16-year-old Justin Bieber was in Glendale, AZ, on Sunday fooling around outside of his tour truck when fans found him and began their banshee screams and closed in on their prey.

In a resourceful manner, Bieber jumped on his Segway to get away from the fans and at first, you realize that running would be faster, but then you realize that he’s riding away and probably has no idea where he’s going (i.e. into the lion’s den of fandom).

He successfully thwarted the young mass of girls from their attack but we wonder…how long is the battery life of a Segway? Watch the video after the jump!