The Funniest Thing Ever

June 4th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Do you think it’s possible to make the Brenda Dickson video funnier? Yeah it is. Please do yourself a favor and watch this. I gave myself an aneurysm from laughing so hard. Seriously, I’m writing this from Hell.

By J. Harvey

  1. John

    LOLOLOLOLOL i have no idea who they are parodying but that was so funny.

  2. White Cleats

    Brenda Dickson was a soap queen in the 80′s. She used to her own money to produce, write and direct a vanity video called “Welcome to my home”. I’m sure you can find it on YouTube. It’s basically her talking about herself and her incredible sense of fashion the entire time. It’s gained cult status for its ridiculous camp — a thing I’m sure Dickson did not intend. In any case, the original is hysterical, but this one is damn funny too!

  3. Steven

    OMG!!! I love when socialite life finds these videos!!! That REALLY was funny!!! This one, just like Penis Power Woman, made my day!!!!

  4. gail

    I just laughed my kidney out my ass and you are a genius and I love you.

  5. That’s AWESOME!

    Man, Brenda Dickson sure doesn’t look the same today!!!! She looks more like Jocelyn Wildenstein than the “old” Brenda Dickson!

  6. kerrymegan


  7. nmcali

    Agghh!! That’s a riot!
    Who made this parody? Pure genius – track her down. She made funny even funnier!

  8. Andrea

    “I eat so much fowl I shit feathers”


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