Victoria’s Secret Model Is Alessandra Ambrosio Is Launching Her Own Fashion Line And It’s Gorgeous

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Often times when a model talks about clothes, he or she is discussing what a designer told them to wear. Very rarely are they talking about something they’ve created themselves. With the numerous outfit changes, who knows about fashion better than them? Probably no one.

Stunning Brazilian model, Alessandra Ambrosio, has ambitiously taken on the task of creating her own fashion line.

She’s launching it with Planet Blue soon and the pieces are to die for. 

When speaking with E!, she referred to it as “boho chic” and says, “it’s very Brazil meets Malibu.” Listing off those two locations causes me to envision vibrant colors with fun prints, while also being extremely laid back.

Any woman who has her own children knows how difficult it is to look elegant and casual at the same time. Can anyone really make spilled milk or juice look nice on an outfit? I’m going to go with no. Even so, these pieces are functional for the working mother.

Being a professional herself, Ambrosio shared that she wanted pieces she could take from day to night.

From the preview alone, I’m incredibly impressed with what she has come up with. Maybe Victoria’s Secret will allow Ale to team up with them to create a beautiful set for the next Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Check out the dress she’s wearing in our gallery and let us know your thoughts about the line in the comments below!