Victoria’s Secret Casting Director Sophia Neophitou Does Not Like Kate Upton

February 16th, 2012 // 6 Comments

While the internet might be a big fan of upcoming model, Kate Upton, Sophia Neophitou begs to differ.

The Victoria’s Secret casting director called Upton “too obvious” and “too blonde” (really?), before saying she’d never (yes, never) be used for a Victoria’s Secret show, and the final nail in the coffin? That Upton was like a “footballer’s wife,” with a face that “anybody can go out and buy.” 

Wow, okay, we get it; you seriously don’t like her.

Upton has been subject to a great deal of speculation since her popularity was mostly gained through, well, the internet. Who knew? And what other way could someone come from of obscurity to nail one of the most coveted modeling gigs ever:  the cover of Sports Illustrated?

Now hailed as the “Jayne Mansfield of the Internet” and a “model celebrity,” Upton can now add Esquire to her growing list of modeling gigs. Hm, have to wonder if Neophitou will eventually have to eat her words.

By Joycelene Fernandez

  1. Mary

    Sophia Neophitou is a mean spirited and jealous woman. Her comments about the Sports Illustrated girl are uncalled for. I have written her company an email about her. I will never shop with them again, as long as she represents them. Has she looked in a mirror lately, ugly inside and outside.

  2. Edward

    Kate Upson doesnt have class she did the same thing by tweeting openly about the VS situation and telling MissSophia she should have her pic (Kate)taken to her plastic surgery next kate?all you got its a pair of huge tits and thats why men are all over you

    but in your brain you got nothing .

  3. Dave

    Sophia who?

  4. CG

    My guess is that Sophia is not very attractive, skinny as a sick dog and jealous of Kate’s curves.

  5. Hey Now!

    I don’t think Victoris’s Secret models or Kate Upton have a degree in quantum mechanics. There there to look at. I think Sophia Nosferatu problem is the Kate already has naturally what Sophia is trying to sell. She is trying to sell curves to bony bitches and housewives.

  6. Nadya Rousseau

    *Sigh* The continuing degradation of our society. Catty, catty, catty. Not regretful for focusing more on my writing endeavors than my modeling endeavors. Just tragic all around. :/

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