Victoria Silvstedt’s Party Almost Turns Lethal

While Pamela Anderson was getting married in St. Tropez, a model almost drowned at a party being thrown by Victoria Silvstedt. The woman was thrown into a swimming pool, and promptly sank to the bottom. Needless to say, lots of Cristal and Dom Perignon champagne had been consumed by the partygoers.

According to The Sun:

Victoria was joined by Sweden’s celebrity elite including pop stars, models — and some members of the Swedish royal family.

Guest Nicola Chessa said: “They had a sort of champagne race. They were crazy with all that champagne.

“They ordered hundreds of bottles and started to party and pushed one another into the pool. After a while someone shouted that there was a woman lying immobile in the pool.”

“It was all extremely scary.”

Go ahead and blame the bubbles.

More photos of Victoria Silvstedt, after the jump.

Drama at Vic’s undie party [The Sun]

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Written by Tara Benedict