Victoria Beckham Wants Us to Believe She’s Eating

Victoria Beckham was spotted shopping at a Beverly Hills Whole Foods yesterday along with her body guard.

It looks like she must have been buying some food for breakfast, as she purchased milk, cereal, and some fruit. Obviously for the children — because you know that Vic is living off of coke (the cola!) and water.

I must say, she looks quite fabulous to be shopping for groceries.

The other day I threw on some old sweats before scavenging for groceries on intern’s wages, when James Blunt (literally) ran into me.

You can expect the hit song ‘You’re Homely Looking’ on his next album.

It’s like ‘You’re Beautiful,’ but inspired by yours truly.

Maybe I need to take some grocery shopping fashion cues from this best dressed (or worst?) lister.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

More photos of Victoria doing a little grocery shopping after the jump.