Victoria Beckham Thinks Her Car Won’t Run without Her Initials Embroidered on It

September 21st, 2007 // 12 Comments

Victoria Beckham is so goofy and over-the-top when it comes to any and everything she does, is it any surprise that she actually seems to be dressed to match her blue Bentley, while taking it out to be customized? I can’t tell whether or not her initials were already embroidered into the car seats, but the fact that the procedure ever took place amuses me to no end. The only thing that I don’t seem to understand is that if she’s able to afford ridiculous customizations like the one I just mentioned, how is it that she doesn’t shell out some extra cash to make a car that actually fits her? Or maybe she likes driving around, looking like a strange baby alien with pursed lips.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. tammyv

    The customized car was a present from David – His Escalade has “23-Twenty Three” (his club number) on it.

    As for her outfit.. does that little bump say babybump? Or is it that she just has put on some weight. She looks fantastic and if it just her reaching her proper body weight it is FANTASTIC on her

  2. sybill

    I think I recall reading that an alien Scientologist couple gave them the cars as a “Welcome to America” gift… it’s so sad that I even know these things off the cuff…

  3. buddyA

    thank god i’m not the only one who noticed that she’d put on a little weight tammyv.she looks fab now!

  4. Jinxy McDeath

    Pig snout and Becks the insipid wouldn’t want the paps to wait outside of the wrong shop and possibly miss a shot of wanton consumerism – and bad taste,these idiots act out daily. Therefore, the creepy initialing is very necessesary (thanks gay midget dwarf!). They have stench like perfumes to peddle to the unwashed masses, and can’t live without constant attention. They are both pathetic, uneducated, overpaid idiots.

  5. visitor

    Say what you will about VB but at least she is always dressed impeccably, doesn’t routinely show off her goodies for the paps to photograph and she always has kick ass shoes on!!

  6. 17

    To know what she was doing, just read the agency description. What does the agency description say?

  7. eh

    “a strange baby alien with pursed lips”

    hahaha exactly. and half-pig.

  8. Raina

    Maybe we can stick her to a window if she wets her lips….LOL

  9. lala

    she wasn’t customizing her car. she went to go for a fitting for her appearence in Ugly Better.
    and so what if she just happens to wear blue and her car is blue too? does that frickin mean she purposely did it to match? wtf? what about all the other times she wears other colors. idiot

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