Victoria Beckham Talks Fashion, Marc Jacobs, Lindsey and Bullies

Victoria Beckham
is moving along her status as a designer, by moving her eyewear and denim line in house with her successful couture dress line. So successful in fact that 75 of them were hijacked from a locked van en route to Heathrow Airport last week. Marc Jacobs, who put Beckham in his Spring/Summer 2008 Ad campaign, congratulated her on her work though she initially kept the work a secret from him. “Well, I felt a little embarrassed,” she says “He’s Marc Jacobs.”

Her previous line of jeans dVb was phased out of stores, but Beckham believes having more control over the line will help. “It’s always tough when you have partners – you don’t have as much control as you would like. I can cope with mistakes if they are mistakes that I make myself.”

When asked if she could parlay any wisdom for Lindsay Lohan who is working with Ungaro Beckham diplomatically replies  “I think there is room for everybody and I always say good luck to everybody, I  don’t really pay attention too much to what everybody else is doing except for myself. ”  I’m starting to see a theme here.

So where does this self focus come from? Getting roughed up apparently. “I was mentally and physically bullied when I was at school and that gave me a very thick skin.” You were WHAT?! I always looked at Posh and imagined she was the leader of the mean girls or the nice one who everyone fawned all over.  Well I bet those childhood bullies are kicking their own behinds now.

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