Victoria Beckham Styles All The WAGS

What are WAGS you ask? The wives and girlfriends of the players. The ladies turned to Victoria for help after she stole the show in the patriotic outfit she wore to England’s opening game against Paraguay last Saturday. While we are sure that she does her best in styling all the WAGS, I’m sure she holds back just a bit. We all know that she doesn’t want the other WAGS fabulousness to overpower hers.

A source told the Mirror :” All the WAGS assumed that Victoria was going to be turning up to matches in head to toe designer bling.

The other wives went into melt down as they were dressed to the nines. They are highly competitive and always want to out glam each other.”

The source added:” Vic’s been very busy with a needle and thread over the past few days.”

Footballers’ Wives ask Victoria Beckham for Style Tips [FemaleFirst]

More photos of Victoria Beckham taking in the Enlgand vs. Trinidad-Tobago match, after the jump.