Victoria Beckham Styles All The WAGS

June 16th, 2006 // 35 Comments

What are WAGS you ask? The wives and girlfriends of the players. The ladies turned to Victoria for help after she stole the show in the patriotic outfit she wore to England’s opening game against Paraguay last Saturday. While we are sure that she does her best in styling all the WAGS, I’m sure she holds back just a bit. We all know that she doesn’t want the other WAGS fabulousness to overpower hers.

A source told the Mirror :” All the WAGS assumed that Victoria was going to be turning up to matches in head to toe designer bling.

The other wives went into melt down as they were dressed to the nines. They are highly competitive and always want to out glam each other.”

The source added:” Vic’s been very busy with a needle and thread over the past few days.”

Footballers’ Wives ask Victoria Beckham for Style Tips [FemaleFirst]

More photos of Victoria Beckham taking in the Enlgand vs. Trinidad-Tobago match, after the jump.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ninjagirl

    Someone please feed her. Hold her down and make her consume calories.

  2. Lisa

    The girl with the hat is way hotter than Victoria, I bet she hates that.

  3. emily

    My god, skelator

  4. C

    The chick with the hat on is way cute. I’m sure she doesn’t need any advice from Victoria.

    Additionally, why the white short shorts? When I was a kid, we called those “cootchie-cutters” because, well, that’s what they did. She could stand to wear something with at least an inch inseam.

  5. Margie

    I just can’t get past that pig nose of hers. It’s so distracting. Reminds me of this girl I went to school with as a child. Poor thing. Everyone called her pig face. Fortunately, her parents did something about it when she was old enough to undergo the surgery.

    Guess Victoria deserves some props for not caving in to the constant comments, like Asslee Simpson did.

  6. Bob Loblaw

    I freaking hate this chick. What in the fuck does Beckham see in her?!? She was a Spice Girl for god’s sake, and she looks like a starving pig. Disgusting.

  7. Bob Loblaw

    I freaking hate this chick. What in the fuck does Beckham see in her?!? She was a Spice Girl for god’s sake, and she looks like a starving pig. Disgusting.

  8. gabe

    She may be emaciated bitch and may have a piggy nose but remember honeys, she opens it wiiiiiiiiiiide for Beck and we all don’t.

  9. tilajo

    It’s ok Bob, calm down, deep breathe. You’re with friends…no one else likes Piss Spice either.
    With all her money, ya’d think she get her nose done, her roots colored & spend a little more time pigging (no pun intended) out at Country Buffet. Shame when celebs let themselves go like this (sic).
    Let’s just pray she doesn’t end up looking like Mariah. Only shopping at Forever 21, like the name must really be a subliminal message. If they only buy from Forever 21, then they really are forever 21.

  10. kw

    whats’s with the boots..must be the rage in england..atleast she covered her feet?ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  11. kw

    whats’s with the boots..must be the rage in england..atleast she covered her feet?ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  12. kw

    whats’s with the boots..must be the rage in england..atleast she covered her feet?ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  13. Shallow Gal

    Check out the size of her rock! It’s gorgeous!!

  14. Lisa


    You nailed it! That’s a sex tape I’d love to see!

  15. Issabella

    I LOVE VICTORIA!!!! She is definitely the trend setter of all the footballers wives/girlfriends. The pretty girl in the hat sitting next to her is CHeryl Tweedy. She for a girl pop group and is getting married to Asheley Cole this summer.

  16. KittyLiterati

    And she did what exactly–whip them into shape during grueling shopping sessions and turn them into Skankchester United?

    Cheryl Tweedy’s cute (much cuter than Victoria), but I hate Girls Aloud. And I envy her for bedding Ashley Cole.

  17. Black Betty

    Bob Loblaw is the Best! Bob is sooooo Canadian! LOL!

  18. jen

    the chick sitting next to her kinda looks like rachel leigh cook…i knew i shouldn’t have watched ‘she’s all that’ on comedy central this past weekend.

  19. Ivan the Terrible

    Her ring is HIDEOUS and she’s got ghetto tits.

  20. Mistress

    Well, you know Victoria probably has to keep herself together for David. She’s a trendsetter alright. He’d probably never leave her. Why would he? He gets the madonna and the whore all in one. I doubt he’s faithful, but as long as he doesn’t rub her face in his affairs and he comes home to her and their kids, no problem.

  21. anewmommy

    Gosh, I hate to say this, but PLEASE next time do not enhance the pics. of VB… those literally sent shivers down my back… she is really frighful to look at!

    The blonde girl sitting next to her is Cheryl Tweedy… she is also in a girl band in the U.K. She is engaged to Ashley Cole who obviously plays for England as well. And I agree with the above posts, she is definitely very pretty and much, much easier on the eyes than anorexic Victoria…

    It’s beyond her needing to E-A-T… she seriously needs major psychological help, but don’t tell Tom Cruise… they are like new BFF now— Scary~~!

  22. anewmommy

    Oh, and just for the heck of it— would somebody PLEASE tell the ever-style-concious Beckham’s that their “daughter”, oh, excuse me son- ROMEO needs a BLOODY HAIRCUT!!

  23. oh well

    Not a real fan of either one, still not over what a bitch Cheryl Tweedy and her bandmates are (I don’t care if she’s marrying Cole or not) with regard to that nightclub incident (beating the shit out of a poor bathroom attendant) a few years back. Posh, she USED to be so cute – you got to give it to her for keeping Becks. Her fashion still rocks.

  24. JustMe

    I really used to not have any problems with this chick but this annorexia look is killing me. Why? Why???

  25. Emma in London

    Victoria Beckham a trendsetter?? PUHHLLEEAASSEEE! All she does is watch what Kate Moss wears and copies it! The skinny bitch needs to eat some fucking pies and stop trying to make her boys look like little girls

  26. kw

    victoria is not sexy she is skin and bones!

  27. loryn

    i think their kids are very cute but romeo would look better with short hair

  28. Krystyna

    CHERYL IS STUNNING I AM SO JEALOUS- SHE COULD MAKE ME TURN LESBIAN! HA HA No seriously posh has it all, she needs to fucking go to KFC though, How can she think she actually looks attractive- I WOULD DIE FOR HER WADROBE!!

  29. zenjen

    somebody please force feed this girl a cheeseburger. It hurts me to look at her.

  30. Maurice

    I don’t understand how the british don’t like Victoria.
    She is gorgeous.
    Cheryl and Victoria rules !
    I love the Spice Girls
    and The Girls Aloud.

    Why all the people hate her ?
    Only because she’s stylish and lucky.

    VB I love you !

  31. Emma in London

    Maurice……..shut it you muppet! If you had to put up with seeing that self-obsessed, skinny, media whore in the papers everyday you’d hate her too

  32. Jess Cunliffe

    Oh my GAWD!No one annoys me more than that VICTORIA BECKHAM!! I mean, is she alergic to food or something? I bet she would PUKE if she saw a mcdolads near by!
    “Oh exuse me waiter, I’ll have the side salad please.”
    “Anything else?”
    “No that will be fine, I don’t want to get FAT!”

  33. Nikki

    You go girl, Its not like her TASTY boy friend is gunna want to get in bed with HER again!!! Say good bye Victoria, coz if you dont eat somethin now, youre gunna dissapear!!!

  34. Mauricio

    Victoria is amazing.
    She looked thinner before… so all the things you wrote are wrong

    Go Victoria !
    Cheryl sucks.

  35. suga!

    Cheryl Tweedy’s so cute!

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