Victoria Beckham Might Be Slightly Hypocritical

February 17th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

I hate to call b.s. on Posh because I just love this bitch.  I guess no one’s perfect.

Victoria Beckham cohosted The View yesterday and, seeing as how her line just so happened to have showed at fashion week, the ladies made it a point to talk about the skinny model controversy again.

Vicky schooled us all about how the CFDA is attempting to manipulate the fashion industry away from models who are underage, underweight, and too white!  I think the phrase they used was ‘ethnically aware.’  Very diplomatic, honkies!

I took a look at her new collection (and the models therein) and those girls are skinny as hell!  Don’t front, V, none of them can possibly be over a size 4.  And of course Vicky herself is a well-known bone bag.  That being said, her collection is fierce and Mrs. Beckham is fabulous.  I’m sorry!  I can’t stay mad at her.

Please do feast your eyes on the object of my affection walking around New York in the ugliest coat I’ve ever seen (sorry honey, it ain’t that cold) and a video of her appearance on The View after the jump!

By Nicole Steadman

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