Victoria Beckham Launches Denim Line

As if this women weren’t busy enough being seen around town in Los Angeles, looking blonde, pointy and tiny as hell, she was recently on the East Coast to promote the launch of her denim fashion line at the Saks department store on Fifth Avenue in NYC. The collection includes a series of denim skirts, pant and shorts and comes after Victoria’s past fashion endeavors, which include a collection of jeans for the denim brand, Rock and Republic, handbags and jewelry for the Japanese label, Samantha Thavasa. Additionally, the former Spice Girl is the author of “That Extra Half and Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between,” her guide to creating her own personal style.

“I promised myself my next pay check will be to buy some,” said Gabriella Greco, an 18-year-old student from Manhattan.

“During Middle School I became the ugly duckling and I didn’t have many friends and then I started following Victoria and her fashion tips and people starting telling me I was beautiful,” she said. “I have her to thank for that.”

OK, Gabriella kind of melted my heart a little with her little quote there. But then I was all, wait a minute. You mean to tell me, she only had to go through her “Ugly Duckling” phase in middle school? Lucky. It was only recently that I stopped dressing like a straight Ellen DeGeneres with a penchant for men’s sneakers and khaki. And even then, I sometimes can’t help but bust out the occasional argyle sweater vest, for old time’s sake.


More photos of Victoria Beckham as she arrives at Saks 5th Avenue for the US launch of her DVB denim collection after the jump.