Victoria Beckham Is Actually Tweeting Now

After loads of impostors threatened to misrepresent the skinny fashionista on Twitter, Victoria Beckham has finally given in and signed up for her own account, for reals this time.

“There have been so many people claiming to tweet as me I thought it was time for me to ‘tweet up,’ ” Victoria told E Online.

This isn’t a publicity stunt to promote her new collection at New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on September 12th at all. The title alone does not indicate any promotion for business purposes whatsoever. vbfashionweek will give up to date notes on the exciting behind the scenes of Fashion Week. Either way, Victoria definitely wears the pants in her relationship with David Beckham, who is now her latest designing whore.

Seen here arriving at Heathrow Airport from Los Angeles on September 3rd, no one will deny that Victoria knows fashion. How interesting her tweets will be is another thing entirely. The only way we will even sneeze at them is if we get some hot ass bikini shots like Demi Moore’s, otherwise this is a snooze all around. 

“I thought it would fun for people to see firsthand an inside look at my experiences during Fashion Week,” Beckham said.

And the public eagerly awaits!