Victoria Beckham Glad To Have David Beckham Home

There’s at least one good thing coming out of David Beckham’s ankle injury that dashed his World Cup hopes. The soccer star, who had been playing for Italy, now has more time to spend at home with his children and wife Victoria Beckham couldn’t be more thrilled.

“He’s doing really great. It’s incredible to have him home, he’s happy to be home,” she told reporters. And she is too: the fashion maven’s career is skyrocketing, and now she doesn’t have to worry about who’s looking after her three little ones.

“I left him on homework duty – so he’s there right now finishing off
the homework as I had to rush out,” Posh said last night at a Brit
WeeK charity gala in Beverly Hills.

However, she remained mum about what exactly David’s role at the World Cup will be. 

All she offered was that, “Yes, he’s still going to go to the World Cup.”