Victoria Beckham Enjoys A Swinging Time Behind The Camera

No stranger to modeling for high-end designer fashions, Victoria Beckham took an uncharacteristic step behind the camera lens.

The style-conscious Spice Girl stepped out at a fashion shoot for the Victoria Beckham Collection wearing a gray cashmere-blended dress of her own design and her trademark enormous sunglasses.

However, the petite Brit chose to remain on the sidelines to direct the photoshoot of models wearing pieces from her collection as they lined up, posed on swings. In fact, one of the models sported Vicky’s same ensemble, a fact that didn’t seem to perturb Posh one bit.

Otherwise, I’m sure we would have heard cries of, “Off with her head!” Just don’t try to out-posh Posh, Missy.

Gallery Info: Victoria Beckham at a photoshoot for the Victoria Beckham Collection.